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20 June 2022

It’s Official – Final Fantasy Trilogy and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy 7- Reunion

It’s huge news among the gamers and also the Final Fantasy fans around the world. It’s been stated during the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration streaming, What we know as Final Fantasy 7 Remake has now officially become a trilogy. What we thought was a standalone game, has now morphed into three different games, and the second title was announced three days ago. 

Officially called the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which is actually the continuation of the first FF7 Remake. The story will be widely expanded from the original story. It means the game will take Cloud and the rest to the outside of Midgar, having a journey that is bigger than the original Remake. 

While the second title of the game is officially announced complete with the trailer, the final piece of the trilogy wouldn’t be announced yet. But what we know at the moment is that the story will not gonna be far from the main story of the FF7 Remake. 

Anyway, here’s the trailer of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that I took from Final Fantasy’s Official YouTube Channel:

Sephiroth And Zack’s Appearance

In the trailer that we have watched, the first thing we will see is Cloud walking together with… Sephiroth. Yap, you guess it right. They walked together into the area that we don’t see in the original FF7 remake. It’s kind of weird because they are meant to fight against each other, but this peaceful event isn’t really that bad though. 

After that, Zack Fair also made an appearance here with the iconic Buster Sword. Zack looks beaten up, limping with unconscious Cloud on his side to the place that looks like a ruin. 

Both scenes are something that we don’t see on the original Final Fantasy 7 Remake and I just found out that the FF7 Rebirth is the continuation of the FF7 Remake story, as was stated on the official Square Enix website. It is also told that the story might be going much further into the future, taking up Cloud and his gangs to the outside of Midgar into a much further world. 

Other than that, it remains unknown to the world like the gameplay or the character that is involved. Because the game itself is scheduled to be released next year, I can say it actually makes sense. What we need to do now is to wait for the next trailer to be released. 

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy 7- Reunion

Final Fantasy Trilogy and Crisis Core

Another news during the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration streaming is the remaster of the old-but-gold Final Fantasy prequel. It’s called the Crisis Core -Final Fantasy 7- Reunion, the timeline takes the event that happened before the original FF7 Remake. 

Focuses on Zack Fair and his journey to find Genesis Rhapsodos and all the revelations that happened afterward, especially, the main reason why Sephiroth become Cloud’s enemy in the Remake game. 

Since it’s a remaster, the Crisis Core wouldn’t be changed drastically. The biggest change that you will see is actually the graphic which is much better than before. The story itself is already good, the characters… well, I have no complaints about it, and the gameplay is superb as always! 

No wonder the original game that is released back in 2007 received mostly positive reviews and the sales were also high! The Crisis Core -Final Fantasy7- Reunion is scheduled to be released during this Winter of 2022, and hopefully it will be going according to the schedule. Can’t wait for it to happen!

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