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2 June 2022

How to Know a Casino Game is Profitable in 2022

You’ve probably heard this phrase before—the house always wins. And if you’re an investor, you might have heard this saying, Las Vegas was built by losers. Yet, the truth is, some people do make a lot of money from casino games. 

So, how can you pick a casino game that will win you money? The short answer is that it’s not simple. The long answer is that you can use the following criteria to pick casino games with the best chances of paying you money.

Let’s get started…

1—Payout Percentage

If you want to win money from casino games, start by looking at the payout percentage of potential games. In slots, the best slots have payout percentages of 90% to 99%.

With table games, your best bet of finding a profitable game is to look at the house. Take roulette as an example. European roulette has a 2.7% house edge. American roulette has a 5.2% house advantage.

Owing to that backdrop, you’re more likely to make money from European roulette. Most casino games have a publicly available payout percentage. So, it shouldn’t be a problem to separate well paying from mean casino games.

To be clear, a game’s payout percentage doesn’t mean you have to win. Usually, this percentage is an estimate of how a game will payout in the long haul. You can win while playing poor-RTP slots. However, your have better chances with a top-RTP slot.

2—Game Rules

You can discover a top-paying casino game by reading itsreading at its rules. Take blackjack as an example. Classic blackjack has simple rules. You defeat a dealer at producing a hand of 21. If you win, you get paid 3:2 or 6:5.

Now, you want to play blackjack games that pay 3:2 and not 6:5 or 1:1. In the long run, winning 3:2 increases your chances of breaking even. But with a lower payout rate, say 1:1, you might never recover your stakes.

Roulette is yet another game whose rules can make or break you as far as winning money is concerned. With French roulette, there’s a rule, (en prison) that says you get a second chance if you bet on a black/red, odd/even and high/low and the ball stops at zero.

There’s another rule, la partage, that says you get half of your stake back if you make the same even money bet and the wheel stops at zero. Thanks to these rules, the house edge in French roulette is 1.35% and not 2.7% or 5.2% in European and American roulette.

3—Game Features

If you want to play profitable slots, look at features like bonus rounds, scatters, wilds and multipliers. With classic slots, these features don’t appear so often. And that’s why most experts discourage new players from playing old-school slots.

By comparison, the best video slots have tons of features that increase their profitability. Scatter symbols, for example, activate bonus rounds through which you can win free spins.

Wilds, on the other hand, convert regular symbols into winning symbols. Multipliers are self-explanatory—they inflate your profits. Additional bonus symbols include a gambling feature and cascading reels.

Contrary to popular belief, table games can also have bonus features. In lighting roulette, for example, you get a chance to pick a lucky number. If that number is the winning number, your profits can be increased by up to 500x.


This is yet another tip best used for picking slot machines. Variance refers to a game’s hit rate. If it’s highly volatile, it pays scarcely. If it has a low variance, it pays out to winners regularly.

Now, there are benefits for playing both low and high variance slots. Low variance games tend to have small minimum and maximum bets. In turn, they pay out small amounts of money regularly.

By comparison, high variance games have high maximum bets. Fortunately, they payout high amounts of money although you might have to endure dry spins while in the process.

The good news: some slots fall into the middle of the spectrum. In fact, the best rated slots areslots, are all medium volatility games. Think of Thunderstruck II, Book of Ra, Guns N’ Roses and Gonzo’s Quest.

5—Luck vs Skill-Based Games

This is a no brainer. If a game requires skills to win, then it’s potentially profitable. If all you need is luck, its profitability comes down to chance. Sadly, most casino games are based on pure luck.

With slots, you can win money even if it is yourit your first time playing it. And you could lose money consistently even if you’re an experienced player. It’s a different story when playing pokerplaying, poker, blackjack and baccarat, though.

Experienced poker players tend to defeat new players. That’s because you need a certain set of skills to win at Texas Hold’em. And you can’t gain these skills unless you learn about them.

Luckily, all the information you need to learn about table games can be found online. You don’t even need to join a paid for class. Read poker blogs. Watch YouTube videos or subscribe to a Twitch channel for poker fans.

6—Popularity and Reviews

Let’s face it. Online reviewers tend to be honest about stuff that costscost them money. If someone spends $100 on a slot and loses it, no one canone they can say good things about the game.

But if they spend $100 and win $2000 from the game, they will reveal to people they won. If multiple people believe a game is fun and pays out money regularly, this is a good indication that you should try it out.

In other words, take time to discover what people think about a game before you try it. Choose top-rated games. However, also listen to the criticism. Negative feedback helps you know what aspects of a game to avoid.

Your Turn

There you have it—how to choose profitable casino games. It’s not a straightforward process. But by using the tips we’ve shared above; you can increase your chances of picking a top-paying game.

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