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14 June 2022

4 Best Gaming chairs for big guys

Big guys deserve a good gaming rig. That’s for sure because gaming is for everybody, and when we talked about gaming accessories, we’ll then discuss everything possible but today, let’s talk about the important factor that makes gaming more fun – the gaming chair.

I mean, you sit on it while gaming, is that right? it’s the place where you will spend hours sitting so of course comfort is one of the main factors in gaming chairs. But unfortunately, not all the gaming chairs are meant for everyone. Some people might think it’s too tight for their body or it simply doesn’t fit at all. It’s just… simply the fact that the options aren’t that many in the market. It’s rare, and I can’t really choose that much.

If that’s really the case, then this article might be the one for you at the moment. It’s all about the gaming chairs that are meant for gamers who got a bit bigger body than the standard ones.

What to consider when a big guy buys a gaming chair?

If you have a relatively bigger body than those of a normal guy, sometimes there will be a thing or two to consider when buying a gaming chair. Because it’s not only for hours, the gaming chair will be used for days even years if we choose the right item.

I also have a tendency to buy gaming rigs or accessories which I believe should be able to last a little longer than a regular one. Picking a durable gaming pc, long-lasting mouse, comforting headphones, hard-to-break keyboards, and the eye-friendly monitor has been my quirk lately.

The best gaming chair is something that is made with the best material. Especially for the big guys who need something that can last long. The chair for big guys normally will have material like the combination of sturdy plastic and steel to prevent gamers from getting pulled by the earth’s gravity, and increase the comfort for your long gaming sessions. But well, people normally don’t really pay attention to the base material but… at least you know what you want to buy, right?

The material for the cushion is also important as well, and PU Leather or Faux Leather is something that is better to get for your gaming chairs. A sturdy chair, big and tall as well as comfortable is the key to success in the best gaming chair for big guys.

and good material will result in a good weight capacity. Let’s take Luxe Master Ultra as an example. It’s made with an Automotive-grade steel frame with sturdy plastic, with leather that covered all the parts which are also automotive grade. with all of this material, this chair is expected to be able to hold the weight up to 390lbs (177kg) which is amazing in its class.

It’s really important because some gamers will need that to make sure the chair supports big and tall guys. It’s the most important factor.

Weight Capacity

When we talk about gaming chairs for big guys, we will talk about the material that is used to support the overall weight above it. It’s really crucial because big guys tend to have a bit more weight than normal guys. That’s the fact.

The ideal gaming chair for bigger guys normally will have a maximum weight capacity of around 440Lbs (199kg) which is held by Vertagear P-Line PL-6000. Getting yourself a good gaming chair means you need to understand your weight, then just add a little bit more and search for the ideal gaming chair that is strong enough to support you. Ah, make sure it is also comfortable enough for your overall body as well.

Main Features

The main features are, of course, something that people will seek in a gaming chair. Especially for those who have a bigger size body, these features will determine the comfort that gamers will receive while sitting on it. These features are also the ones that separate gaming chairs and office chairs.

Speaking about features, what I talk about is basically the adjustable gaming chair height, the adjustable armrest, and also the backrest as well. For the adjustable height, it is really important so you can make sure you are in the best sitting position. The armrest will make sure your hand can lean in an appropriate way, and the backrest, is basically where your back will rest… hence the name.

The width is of course important as well, making sure your body will perfectly fit while sitting on the chair.

Ergonomic Support

Good gaming chairs will have good ergonomic support, especially the busy games that will do streaming for hours and hours without stopping. Having a good gaming chair will make sure they wouldn’t worry about having back pain, headache, or quickly getting tired. Therefore, a good gaming chair for big and tall guys will be better if it has good ergonomic support.


The final part will be the most crucial things in our best gaming chairs for big and tall guys list. Because the price will determine everything, it will become the primary factor that determines the gaming chairs that you would like to buy.

A good-quality gaming chair can be quite expensive, but the price itself can’t determine its quality of it. Therefore, always match your budget to your favorite pick.

The Best Gaming Chair For Big Guys Compilation

with all of those requirements, now it’s time to take a look at the best gaming chairs that you can buy on the market. These lists are something that I picked up personally while determining which one that is best for big guys that require comfortable gaming chairs with durable material. So let’s check it out.

Thermaltake X-comfort

Gaming chair for big guys - Thermaltake X-comfort

I do have requirements for selecting the right gaming chair and the three must-have things will be durability and comfort. It’s actually a good thing that Thermaltake created such a gaming chair for me to choose that meet all the requirement.

It’s called the X-Comfort and comes with two color combinations – total black and black-red. Built with a 22mm enhanced steel frame and aluminum base that can hold a maximum of 331lb or 150Kg. it’s a tall gaming chair that is good for guys from 5’5” to 6’3”. With features like headrest support, 4D adjustable armrest, and lumbar cushion with dense foam with high durability.

With all of those features, the price for Thermaltake X-Comfort will be around $600-ish but I can say the price is worth it. Especially if you look for something as durable as this one.

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

Thermaltake X-comfort - gaming chair extra big gamer

The new version of TITAN from Secret Lab is what you need to get your ideal chair, but what’s good about it is basically the ability to totally customize your gaming chair and match it with your requirements. For your information, TITAN’s XL gaming chair can hold 80-180Kg weight for guys with 181-125cm height. Pretty good, isn’t it?

Everything has its own selection – Gaming chair size from Small to XL (well, we’ll choose XL for big guys obviously). Material, from leatherette, fabric, or high-quality NAPA Leather. Color combinations are just diverse here. You can choose from normal combinations, E-sport editions to special editions, with a Memory foam armrest pad.

Price-wise? the XL size starts at around $700-ish and the maximum will be above $1,300-ish with all that customizable and premium material that Secretlab developed themselves.

AKRacing Master Series Max Gaming Chair

extra large guy gaming chair - Thermaltake X-comfort

The AKRacing Master Series Max is the XL-sized tall gamin chair that is meant for those big and tall guys. You can choose one from so many color combinations that are available Black/Red, black-blue, white, black/indigo and so many more.

Material, the frame uses metal with anti-rust black paint to make sure the frame doesn’t deteriorate for a long time. And with an aluminum base, it will make sure the gaming chairs can hold a maximum of 400lbs or 181Kg.

Features an adjustable of almost everything – lumbar support, back angle, headrest, and 4D adjustable armrests. Also features 5-10 years of warranty which make things more interesting.

With the price range around $570-ish, you will then get all of the features that it has to offer. Compare to that, it’s definitely one of the cheaper alternatives of Secret Lab if you have less budget.

EWin Flash XL

gaming chair for big man - EWin Flash XL

Another tall gaming chair for a big and tall guy is the E-win Flash XL. according to its name, this gaming chair is definitely fit for XL gamers as it supports guys from 5’7” to 7” with body weight up to 550lbs or 249Kg.

With a shape of a bucket racing style seat cushion, the EWin Flash XL has various color combinations that you can choose – Black-red, Black-blue, Black-Pink even gold. having features like a metal frame and aluminum base with a lumbar support cushion that will make sure your back will stay in comfort during the long gaming session. With high-density foam and premium leather that you can easily clean, it’s definitely one of the choices that you can make.

Especially since we talk about the price that is quite cheap – around $450-ish for one gaming chair. A bit of downside though, it doesn’t have an adjustable headrest. It’s definitely a heavy-duty gaming chair that you can buy.


How long should big guys sit on a gaming chair?

In general, sitting on a chair doing any activity is not recommended for more than two hours at a time. So, if you plan on spending extended periods of time gaming, it is important to take breaks and move around every so often. This will help keep your body healthy and prevent pain or discomfort.

Most experts recommend that big guys should look for gaming chairs that offer good back support and are adjustable to fit their body size. In addition, it is important to choose a chair that is comfortable and provides good ergonomics, as this will help prevent back pain and other health issues.

Does a gaming chair make sense for big guys?

Does it make sense? of course yes. Especially if we talk about tall gamers with a wide body that doesn’t really fit well in a normal and standard gaming chair, resulting in an uncomfortable gaming session that wouldn’t last long and perhaps can be a reason why gamers lose.

To make sure gamers can have a good gaming session, it’s really good to have a gaming chair of a matched size for your comfort and long-last gaming sessions.

How long will a gaming chair last for a big guy?

To answer this question, basically, it will depend on two different factors – the way you treat your tall gaming chairs and the chair itself. What I mean is, does the chair fits with your weight and height? does it have the material to support you? or perhaps, does it equipped with a memory foam seat?

I mean… big and tall gamers can’t really use the standard gaming chair that doesn’t mean for them. The unmatched product will eventually break easily since it cannot fulfill all the conditions. But if you do have a gaming chair that fits your body, I believe it can last for more than a year if you treat it right.

What is a good gaming chair for big guys?

There are lots of examples that you can get, but the best gaming chair, in my opinion, will be the AKRacing Master Series Max Gaming Chair. It is because of its maximum weight capacity as well as the material that is used, whether the frame and base or the cushion that it has.

Although it doesn’t have an adjustable headrest, it can hold the maximum weight of 400lbs. It is also quite tall and the adjustable gaming chair height will help you to get your ideal posture. With the price around $570-ish but you will also get around 5 years warranty which is the highest on this list.

How much weight can a gaming chair hold?

Even though the AKRacing Master Series is the gaming chair that I consider the best, it’s actually not the gaming chair with the maximum weight capacity. Normally, gaming chairs will have around 400lbs-ish maximum weight that they can hold. however, the EWin Flash XL can do a bit more which is up to 550lbs or 249Kg.

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