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1697451cookie-checkThe Star Citizen Free-To-Play Week – Grab’n Play it till the end of the Invictus Launch Week
24 May 2022

The Star Citizen Free-To-Play Week – Grab’n Play it till the end of the Invictus Launch Week

Flying in space is a dream for all the people… or, gamers. It’s actually a dream of mine as well if I can say. Flying around the galaxies, immersing yourself in a planet exploration, and doing what space people do – become an intergalactic courier or pirate hunter. Everything is possible in the Star Citizen, a game with a combination of Space Trading, Action, First-Person Shooter, and Space-flight Simulator developed by Cloud imperium Games. It’s an online game that means you will meet the other players as well, with the platform limited to Microsoft Windows only.

With all of that genre and so many good things that you can do, the Star Citizen isn’t a free game, instead, you can buy it directly on the Roberts Space Industries website, with several packages that you can choose from. However, this week is a bit special since Star Citizen giving a free-to-play week for those who really want to play the game.

To celebrate the Invictus Launch Week 2952, the developer is giving a Free to download and play, as well as trying the vehicle that is available in Orison’s Vision Center which is located inside the game. This will give the new people a chance to try the game and feel all the features that are available. Although it’s quite limited because the game can only be played for free until May 31st at approx. 20:00 UTC. What’s more, the developer also gives you the Anvil C8X Pisces Ship for free during the event. 

Simply click here for further information, or if you want to register directly for the F2P play 🙂

Star Citizen’s Game Mode

The game mode is what gamers like about this game – it’s all about living in the future where people live in the vast galaxy and no one can stop them. The modes consist of the Hangar module, the place where you can store your own ship, and the place where you can customize it. Arena Commander is the space combat simulator where you can fly ships and fight against AI or real player opponents. And last but not the least, Star Marine. The Player to Player combat simulator which you will battle on the ground, face to face, and gun to gun. 

These three modes are then combined to become one ecosystem that you can explore, and every places are explorable. No loading while moving from one place to another and vice versa. It’s just you and the space around you. 

System Requirements

With all the planets that you can visit, the ships that you can drive, the vast world and all the details, I can say the Star Citizen will require quite the juice of PC power. But, let’s see what the specs are, shall we?

Minimum requirements: 

Windows 10

Quad-Core CPU: Intel Sandy Bridge or later, AMD Bulldozer or later

DirectX 11.1 compatible graphics card with 3GB of VRAM

16GB of RAM

80GB of Storage

Recommended Requirements

Windows 10

Quad Core CPU: Intel Sandy Bridge or later, AMD Bulldozer or later

Graphics card with 4+GB of RAM with DirectX Compatible

16+ RAM

80GB of Storage (NVME SSD is really recommended) 

Based on these specs, definitely, Star Citizen isn’t a light game but I can see all the graphics and detail that it offers, it’s definitely worth it if you want to play it. That being said, having a processor of Intel i5 would be a minimum in my opinion, and i7 or i9 would be the recommendation. For the graphics card, anything around 4GB can be a minimum but the RTX series graphics card would be the recommendation. Or AMD RX 6800 XT. RAM, 16GB is definitely the minimum but do put it a bit higher just in case. And the storage will be NVME SSD for the best performance. 

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, the Star Citizen will be one of the best games that I like to play, with all features that it has to offer. Combat mode, sci-fi look and most importantly, the ability to fly the ship to any space! It’s everybody’s fantasy if I can say. 

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