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22 February 2022

How To Make Your POKER Look Amazing Easily

Poker has been an entertaining game for a long time, and there are multiple ways to get better at your game playing. You will come across several pro poker players, and you might get overwhelmed while playing with them. Therefore, it is always essential to have some foolproof strategies up your sleeve to give your best. As the saying goes by, “if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” Therefore, you need to enhance your skills to ace poker and improve the game.

Dive into this article to find out the best ways to make your poker go from “meh” to “amazing.”

Avoid Playing Every Hand

Let the right hand do the talking! Although it seems counterintuitive to new players, poker veterans know better than to play too many hands early on. Play your starting hands – because if you’re sitting behind a premium pair, you’ll want other players to think you’ve got something and will be more willing to bluff around with less powerful cards. Frequently playing and even staying in with hands that have a negative expectation is a surefire way to come out behind. You can also see when your opponents fold (or don’t!) when they’re not dealt a premium starting hand.

Never Bluff For The Sake Of It

Many beginners in poker don’t realize that it’s not necessary to bluff during a round of poker. No rule says one must or can bluff, and there have been instances where some players have made it through a game without fluffing once, but the game is ultimately about having fun, so if you want to try a trusty old poker bluff, go for it. However, you should be wary when thinking about employing a fake hand because even your opponent knows their way around their cards well enough! The best thing you can do is never to call bluffs ever and only to call them when you genuinely believe your opponent has tried to use a fake hand against yours.

Worry About your Opponent’s Moves Smartly

If you concentrate more on your opponent and fuss over the cards that they have or their upcoming moves, you might lose in the game. As you play, one of the best things you can do is observe and analyze your opponents. Pay careful attention to how they act so that you can use their ‘tells’ to your advantage, such as if a player always raises in a certain way and another player bluffs when he has bad cards. Once you get to know more about your opponents, it gives you more of an advantage over them because you’ll no longer have to assume what other players will do but react to what they’ve already done. 

Seize Your Chance

Players check too often with hands that can call multiple bets. So if they do check, it’s much more likely that they have a weak hand that will fold if faced with multiple betting rounds. This is the “where’s my free card” situation I hinted at earlier. However, many players choose to bluff unnecessarily. When they have weak hands, they fold when faced with multiple options. This is your clue to seize the opportunity when your opponent shows weaknesses. Here, you can use either bluff aggressively or strategize some blocker effects to trap them and make your way to win easily and scoop the pot. 

Don’t Fuss About Survival While Playing In Tournaments

One of the biggest mistakes beginning tournament poker players make is conserving their stack as a top priority. It’s tempting to throw away hands because you think your odds of winning are so low, but your mindset should be just the opposite – you should always be ready to seize opportunities and risks at any given moment! 

It might be challenging for experienced players who are used to proceeding with caution in poker tournaments – but it’s important not to forget that wasting chips early on can come back to bite you later on when you find yourself short-stacked and need them most. Then is when the survival element comes into play, and you start thinking twice about being overly aggressive just in order because certain spots have higher stakes than others.

Never play When You Aren’t In The Mood

Playing poker to get away from sadness or any other emotion is a bad idea and one you should altogether avoid. For instance, you can assume that it’s the end of the month and you haven’t found a way to meet all of your financial obligations. Then, you might want to take up playing poker as an outlet for your frustrations. 

However, if you begin playing poker using this method or with a lousy aim, being irrational about it because you’re still upset over your financial tribulations. Then, you might fall prey to aggressive playing, and it will demotivate you and hamper your gameplay.  

High-Limits Are Off-Limits

There are many reasons why individuals want to play in higher-limit games. One example could be because they have been successful at the lower stakes for a particular duration of time and so decide this is as good a time as any to move up and try their luck at higher limits. You can even try something new that may make them feel like they are playing with more money than they are used to; however, there is the chance when players do move up in stakes, they will place themselves under more pressure to perform well – not necessarily a bad thing by itself. Still, it can lead some to question their decision because placing themselves in higher-risk situations worryingly puts actual money where there is food on the table and rent money too!


These are some of the easiest ways to make your poker gameplay unique. Implement them in your next game and make your way through the ladder of victory. Happy playing.

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