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14 December 2021
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Path of Exile – How to Capture Beasts

Capturing beasts can help your crafting in Path of Exile

As you traverse the land of Wraeclast in Path of Exile, you’ll be greeted by many different monsters. Some can be beneficial to help you get more PoE currency, whilst others will be a true test of the skills you’ve learned. 

In Path of Exile, these monsters are often referred to as beasts. The creatures you see out in the wild are also able to be captured. Therefore, we are going to be taking a closer look at what the player has to do if they’d like to capture beasts when playing Path of Exile.

Beasts in PoE

When you are making your way through the game, you can spot beasts that have bestiary mods attached to them. If you’d like to spot these for yourself, then take a look at your minimap. When there is a beast that has a single bestiary mod attached to it, then it will show up as a yellow icon. There are also beasts that have two bestiary mods as well on the minimap. These are indicated by a red icon, and will boast higher life pools than others, and will spawn periodically too.

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Four spirit beasts also roam the lands of Wraeclast. The beasts in question need to be tracked down through a portal opening that will go to certain domains via the blood altar in Path of Exile. The reason why you should be hunting these beasts is the drops that you get from them. Once you’ve hunted these beasts, you can expect to receive unique items as drops. What’s more, you can capture them so that you can start crafting Aspect Skills.

Hunting Beasts

With that bit of background on beasts in Path of Exile, let’s take a closer look at how we can hunt and capture them for our own gain. Thanks to some guidance from Einhar Frey, you can get these beasts to take to the Menagerie. When you have done so, the beast can be used as a beast crafting sacrifice. 

As you start to come face to face with these beasts, you’ll find Einhar appearing to help you throw a net over the beast you’re trying to capture. You will need to get the beast in question down to low health in order to be able to capture it. If you’re familiar with other beast capturing games, then you’ll be aware of this common trait. You can check the bestiary for a record of the beasts that you have captured so far.

Progressing from Act 2 onwards, you’ll see Einhar appearing with certain beasts. There will be areas that have up to five yellow beasts and one or more red beasts. If you have played the Bestiary League already, then you will find this to actually be different. The way in which the mechanic’s work is slightly changed when capturing beasts. 

To get Einhar to come to the area you are in the help you hunt, you’ll need to get a beast’s health below 50%. Once you have done so, Einhar will show up and throw the net at the beast that has its health below 50%. After capturing the beast, it will be put into the menageries of the players that are in your party. 

There is another area where you will be able to kill beasts and still get them added to your menagerie. By traveling to the Azurite Mine, you’ll find a beast node where you can kill beasts and still get them added once they have been killed.

What is Beastcrafting?

Crafting in general can be pretty hard to get your head around. The game is already filled with aspects that have steep learning curves. As well as figuring out the best thing to spend a PoE orb on, and what league you should be entering, crafting is another part of PoE that takes some getting used to.

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Beastcrafting meanwhile is a feature of the game where you craft through beasts that have been sacrificed at the blood altar. This is found in the menagerie and will require the sacrifice of four beasts to work. The four beasts that are selected will then be released around you, and you’re tasked with killing them to complete the ritual. 

Another hint if you’re new to the game is to make sure you check out PoE trade. This is a great resource for you to use to not only buy items you’re looking for but to also sell any that you don’t want.

Have you tried capturing beasts in PoE? Let us know in the comments section below!

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