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25 November 2021
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Top money making games

Gaming is a hobby enjoyed by more than 2.5 billion people around the world. According to stereotypes, this is just stupid entertainment, and sooner or later everybody “grows out” of it. But this stereotype is slowly going back in time, and today professional gamers can make quite good money. Do you want to be one of them, let’s see what options are there? In 2022 there are many ways to earn money on games: affiliate programs, streams, reviews, tournaments, etc. In this article, we’ll consider one of them, the possibility of earning directly during the game, or the games that will allow you to do this.

Lineage 2 

Lineage 2 is a classic third-person MMORPG. In the beginning, the player is asked to create a character by choosing gender, one of 6 races (human, elf, dark elf, orc, dwarfs, kamael), and the initial archetype (warrior or mystic). After that, the player gets to an open world in which he/she has to develop a character.

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The game appeared back in 2003, and already in 2007 over 14 million gamers were signed up in it.  More than 18 years have passed since launch, but the number of live players is still high, the game is still in demand. Of course, this game is difficult to call the modern mainstream, other giants such as WorldOfTanks, PUBG, and Fortnite are much more popular. But is it worth comparing an almost twenty-year-old project with current trends? Anyway, today we aren’t talking about trends and popularity, we are talking about money, and here Lineage 2 is certainly better than many.

To get a good income in the game, you have to develop quickly. For this goal, you will need Adena (internal currency), but it isn’t so easy to find it. And if you want to sell a lot of game gear and use other means, you’ll have to learn how to extract resources in the Lineage. The most effective options are:

Collective methods

Crafting – there is a developed crafting system in the Lineage, even experienced players don’t know all the schemes in memory. You can collect valuable artifacts from various resources and use them for your own purposes, or sell them. Just don’t forget to calculate the cost of crafting, it’s not always profitable.

Spoil – use one of the gnome specialties. This allows you to get various resources from mobs (recipes, paints, pieces). They are used in crafting. You’ll have to do a tedious job, and to make it more useful, choose servers with x10 raids and only after level 70.

Manor – go to cities with lords and look for a manager’s manor to buy seeds and a reaper for harvesting. Plant a seed in a mob, after killing it with a reaper and you’ll get a harvest. Take the harvest to the manager and get different resources. Sometimes items for crafting come across.

Fishing – is both an effective way to develop in the game and an interesting hobby. With the help of fishing, you can get unique resources. In addition, selling the catch allows you to get additional skills (for example, to increase the number of slots in your inventory).

Collecting loot – for experienced players this method seems too tedious, but it helps beginners to develop quickly. There are locations with a huge number of mobs (FG, BS, VOA), where just mountains of Adena are scattered across the map. Yes, you have to spend a lot of time, but it’s better than collecting 100k standing in a Dion.

Warlike methods

Treasure hunters – search for chests in different locations. They can drop out after killing mobs, they are opened with keys. To do this, you’ll need any dugershik class (with the skill of creating keys). Treasure chests quickly disappear after the murder, not everyone has time to collect them.

Locomotives – are a tricky method of earning money, which allows you to dress in the best gear in a couple of months. The bottom line is that you need to find victims and aggro them on yourself. The pursuit will begin after you take the player to strong mobs. With the help of the spell “Pretend to be dead” you disappear from the “radar” and after the death of the pursuer, collect his things. The spell is possessed by Dagershiks and Spoilers, the main thing is not to die yourself.

Quests – in Lineage 2 there are useful tasks, for the completion of which you can get resources for crafting. One of the most profitable is SupplierofReagants, available from level 57. You will swing and at the same time collect ingredients for nobles and subclasses. It’s also a great option for obtaining B-grade components.

Clans – this option isn’t clear, but we are here not for judging. So, you have to team up with players to fight bosses. With a joint attack, you can collect the things of one of the killed players, but you won’t be praised for that. Create your clan, collect taxes from members. Non-honest players also create clans in order to collect as much gear as possible and simply change their nickname to evaporate.

Selling buffs – is simple, you download a buffer and start buffing for Adena. The income is high, the main thing is to choose profitable places (BS, LOA, FG). You will receive Adena, depending on the number of players in the location (in proportion to the time spent in the game).

Experienced players know all of these techniques in detail and already use them. So, in fact, these are tips for those who want to develop faster in the game. And remember, earning Adena in Lineage 2 is the first step towards making real money. The more game currency you get, the easier it will be to achieve your main goal.

Bitcoin casino

This type of game is a separate branch of gaming and it got into this list largely due to its ease of use. Top bitcoin casino sites are specialized platforms that allow you to earn cryptocurrency by gambling. These sites are in many ways similar to standard gaming services, where bets are accepted in fiat. However, blockchain technology has been introduced in Bitcoin casinos, thanks to which gamblers can deposit coins to an account, store them there and receive transfers to their personal wallet in case of a win (or lose coins if they defeat).

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In simple words, Bitcoin casinos are online gambling platforms where bets are made in BTC (and also other popular cryptocurrencies are available). Globally, such services are divided into 3 main types:

Top bitcoin casinos

Best bitcoin casinos are a standard type of gambling website with the highest rates. You’ll have to sign up, get acquainted with the functionality, read the rules of the game, and withdraw money. Top bitcoin casinos have a minimum deposit set, which must be replenished into the account in order to start placing bets. Oddly enough, a bitcoin casino top without bonuses is often the safest option. We talked with gambling expert Edward Ackins about which online casino games are the easiest for a beginner to deal with. The answer was unequivocal – Bitcoin blackjack. “This is the simplest game with a simple strategy. It will help a beginner feel confident in himself, as well as better understand the work of top bitcoin casinos” – said Edward.

Bitcoin casinos with no deposit bonus

More attractive type of site for inexperienced gamers. On such services, a small amount of Satoshi (0,00000001 BTC) is given to start the game immediately after registration. But to place big bets, you still have to make a deposit. This type also includes more advanced Bitcoin casinos with a faucet. They give out money to play, for simple actions on the site, such as viewing ads. These resources allow you to make an almost unlimited number of free attempts. What’s the catch? In withdrawal amount restriction. It will take you a long time to reach the minimum level required to withdraw Bitcoins. You won’t be able to place big bets either and you will have to make a deposit anyway.

Bitcoin casino with a deposit bonus

This category includes casinos that also issue bonuses, but unlike the previous type, you can’t get free enrollment of coins for signing up. A deposit bonus is a certain percentage of bonus money that is deducted from the amount that you have replenished into your account. For example, one of the top bitcoin casinos – 7bit, awards a 100% bonus for the first deposit. So if you make a deposit with 0.5 BTC, on your casino account you’ll get the double amount – 1 Bitcoin.

Our team agrees that trying to make money in a bitcoin casino is very risky, but it is definitely the fastest way to big money.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a computer multiplayer team game of the real-time strategy genre with elements of a computer role-playing game. The main gameplay is battling in which two teams of five people participate. One team plays for the light side, the other for the dark side. Each player controls one character, each of them has special skills and abilities.

The character can gain experience to increase their level, earn gold, buy and collect items that enhance it, or give additional abilities. Each player constantly receives a small amount of gold from his base and also earns small portions of gold for killing enemy creatures and large portions for killing characters. Teams are dispersed along the lines, on which there is a fight against enemy characters and squads of creeps under the control of the computer, which appears at the command bases every half a minute. The goal of the game is to destroy the main building at the enemy base.

So with the main point of the game, everything is clear. Now let’s consider how to make money in this mess.


Good old, bought at a cheaper price – sold at a higher price. The scheme is extremely simple. On special platforms for exchange, inside the game, or through messengers, you agree on the exchange of things, your task is to exchange an expensive thing for a cheaper one.

This is a very difficult way to make money because you have to be guided by the value of things, the probability of exchange, etc. Looking for clients for an exchange is also not easy, because for most you’ll be making unprofitable transactions.

The profit from such shenanigans will be minimal. Taking into account all sales commissions, even if you manage to exchange an expensive item for a cheaper one, you will receive 1 – 2 $ from one transaction.

Mini-tournaments for money

A couple of years ago, services were in vogue that allowed you to play 1×1. Now such services are less popular, so you won’t earn much. But nevertheless, people sometimes come to such sites, put their stuff for the sake and try to win. You can also participate in internal tournaments in the game, but you’ll be able to earn money provided that you are a very strong player in a 1×1 game.


When a person plays very well, he/she earns a high game rating. There are gamers who don’t know how to play well, but they believe that all their troubles come from the team and the rise ratings will help them play better (as they can get into stronger teams). So, they ask other gamers, who play great to increase their ratings. This is all called boosting.

In almost all games, boosters were actively fought, except for Dota. In Dota, making money on boosting is the main one for many skill players. Plus, many novice players also want to get big numbers of MMR (rating) and they are willing to pay good money for it.


Transforming the game hobby into a stable source of income is a rather difficult task that requires a lot of time, effort, and perseverance. You’ll have to play more than 8 hours a day, and don’t think that it would be a pleasure. Over time, leveling characters and eternal farming will get bored and turn into a routine. So games from a hobby will transform into work. And a very reasonable question arises, is it worth it? And in order to make it easier for you to decide, we have created a comparative table, and you can easily compare earnings in games and salaries at your current job.

Lineage 2 Bitcoin casinoDota 2
Sign up speed2-7 minutes2-7 minutes5-10 minutes
Necessary of depositNoYesNo
How quickly can you get your first money?After 3-6 monthAfter a couple of daysAfter 3-6 month
How quickly can you start making big money?The game isn’t conducive to making a lot of moneyAfter a yearAfter a year
Possibility of further growthThere isn’tThe casino was and will be popular, so you can easily build further plansYou can try dealing with related work, like streaming for example
Average monthly earnings of professional players$500$2000-$100000$1000-$5000

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