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9 October 2021

KeyWe | OneAngryGamer Honest Review

In KeyWe, you will have to work together to write out messages one word and eventually one letter at a time by stomping on keys. In other phrases, you have to carry around boxes, so they slide into their proper bin, or write a message using butt-stampable word fragments, or pack boxes with the necessary shipping details and warning labels. This is an intriguing idea for a communicative co-op game in general where you have to split off to complete things separately and then reevaluate together every so often. Still, the fact that you are playing two tiny kiwi birds makes it particularly unique.

Unlike many of the Overcooked admirers and imitators, which tend to entail running about and one or two button inputs at most, KeyWe is not afraid to challenge players. Straight up, this may be a surprisingly tricky game, not only in terms of pressing the correct button at the right moment you have got a chirp, peck, leap, sprint, and a butt-slam but also in terms of talking it out with your partner. (The game is playable alone, with a hot-swap and dual-wield option, although I cannot fathom it). It’s partly a visual issue, yes (which for me is simpler to convey), but the riddles are often wordy, too.

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Imagine two individuals attempting to type the identical sentence on a keyboard simultaneously using just one hand each; yeah, and they both have a much different WPM. In key, the difficulty is less about traveling rapidly from item to object (though you will want to be efficient for bronze/silver/gold medals) and more about parsing information and hints to quickly and accurately figure out puzzle-based instructions.

KeyWe is divided into three seasons: real-world seasons, not video game content seasons, so it attempts to make the most of its basis.

As much as I liked some level types in KeyWey over others, and a couple of the temporary gimmicks were challenging to go through even once we worked out the “trick,” ultimately, it’s such an excellent foundation. I appreciate that KeyWe offers you a little breathing space with its per-level instructional demos; you are seldom pushed into the deep end with nothing to hold to.

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I am also a big lover of the mini-games to the point that I would not rate KeyWe as highly without them. There are nine “overtime shift” activities, ranging from a rhythm game to a side-scrolling platformer to a snowball battle with slingshots. The former is a race to burst bubble wrap (with extra points given to various-sized bubbles at different moments). At the same time, the latter is a piece of edutainment in which you will deposit coins worth varying amounts of money, so they adequately sum up to a set total.


Stamps, the money needed to purchase cosmetics, are earned as you progress through the game’s significant stages and mini-games. After taking one look around the store, I was sure I needed to start earning stamps right now to create a white fluffball. It is not necessary to agree on what to purchase or pool money while playing co-op; you may each buy what you want with the stamps you earn as a team. You may use your logos to obtain clues on what levels the objects are found in, listed in their section accessible from the main menu.

I am already stressed out from trying to win the lottery. I did not keep track of the time, but this is a 2. I should mention that there is a local co-op, but I could only play it when it was available nearby. KeyWe’s Xbox and PlayStation versions had been delayed at the last minute, so I planned to go with the latter, thinking the Nintendo Switch version was not the best choice. This is a game that the Switch is more than capable of handling. I do have a few minor issues with the platforming control.

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Getting the birds to land on a ledge or engaging with in-game controls may be more complicated than it has to be. It’s hardly a deal-breaker, but the more I played, the more noticeable it became. Some stages in KeyWe include tiny pieces of text buried throughout the surroundings, and it may be challenging to make them out if you are using a small monitor (such as the Switch in handheld mode) or if your setup includes far-off seats or something.


Even though I have a few quibbles with it, KeyWe is a fun co-op puzzle game that will have you on the edge of your seat. You will like the goals, dangers, narrative sequences, unlockable cosmetics, and mini-games enough to keep coming back to this game time and time again. Make a date out of it if you are feeling fortunate.

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