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7 October 2021

Top 4 Best Indie Role-Playing Games in 2021

Making a list of the best indie role-playing games requires a lot of pain elimination. As it turned out, the tremendous indie role-playing games boom that digital distribution sparked about a decade ago was really more of a Big Bang, sending small-team development in all kinds of directions. We were overwhelmed by the sheer number of excellent indie titles; thus, it was challenging to narrow our selection for inclusion on this list. Maybe a little too much.

However, it’s important to periodically look back and appreciate everything that publisher-free development has provided to create some extra-ordinary indie role-playing games. Others were created by former triple-A creators who have applied the same technical standards to their independent work as they did to their previous work. Steam’s idiosyncrasies and innovative concepts are what set it apart from other browser-based games.

So, what’s left on our selection of the best indie role-playing games! Puzzle games, narrative marvels, pixel art games, and the most beautiful, visually detailed jewels are all represented here. You’ll want to play each and every one of these games.

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If you’re searching for one of the best indie role-playing games to accuse your pals of killing one another, Among Us is for you. The idea is simple, there are a lot of adorable tiny astronauts doing their best to accomplish chores aboard a spacecraft, but one of them is a vicious impostor bent on murdering them all. Either uncover the impostor (or imposters) before it’s too late or, if you’re the bad guy, mislead and murder the other astronauts until you are triumphant.

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It’s a fantastic party game for your pals to play, and while the maps and chores may be a bit daunting at first, anybody can get the idea of the game pretty fast. And it helps that Among Us is inexpensive on Steam too! Just don’t blame us for any broken friendships after a few rounds of murdering one another, okay?



Looking for the love story indie role-playing games to share with your special someone who loves stories? If so, Haven might be the game for you.

To be alone with each other, two loves decide to elope to a remote, forgotten corner of the world where no one would interfere with their relationship.

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The game’s graphic design and visual effects are stunning, and its depiction of a good relationship, complete with intimate moments, is shockingly realistic.



Our curiosity is piqued whenever we’re faced with the prospect of searching through the unknown. Her Story sequel Telling Lies by Sam Barlow lets you rummage through the hard drive of a stranger and move between clips taken with the computer’s built-in webcam to discover more about the people you meet.

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Only a few indie role-playing games manage to bridge the gap between interactive fiction and video games. As soon as you log in to your computer, a search for love appears, displaying a series of video clips you may view. To delve further, listen for keywords and search for those you believe will lead to a result, opening up a world of possibilities.

It’s also stressful to delve into the past lives of these strangers. You’ll never be able to relax and feel safe in your own bed at night. Your avatar is constantly reflected in the window, and the strange conversation outside your apartment makes you nervous that someone may break in while you’re spying.



Time-bending puzzler Braid is on our list of best indie role-playing games, developed by Jonathan Blow nearly a decade ago, may be considered a catalyst for the current indie boom. Second, he’s working on The Witness, a puzzle game with far higher production standards and an island to explore, as well as an actual feeling of “event.” Blow has encapsulated the development of what ‘indie’ may imply in only two games.

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The Witness has an aura of significance in its setting and story, yet this betrays the actual experience. All you have to worry about are those pesky line puzzles. In general, all of the game’s 600-plus puzzles follow the same basic structure, and completing them may take up to 100 hours – but each new one you approach adds additional rules that further complicate things. With The Witness, you are expected to find the learning curve on your own.

Before breaking the rules to include new ones, you must first figure out the puzzle’s laws and apply them in new ways. It’s a credit to Blow’s game design skills that the game guides you through this without a tutorial or rulebook.

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