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12 October 2021

Best Survival Games 2021 (PC)

There was a time in the late 2010s when it was impossible to move around the internet due to many early access survival games scattered about. Only a few of them were genuinely brilliant, and most of them were genuinely mediocre at best. Several others were initially disregarded because of their high jank levels, but they have since blossomed thanks to regular updates. So, how will you sort through all of this survival game garbage and find the gems? It’s simple; we’ve compiled a ranking of the top 24. It’s not comprehensive, but there’s plenty of fishing, crafting, and wolf-avoiding to keep you busy for a while.

It’s important to note that we’re defining “survival games” very broadly because we wanted to offer something different from the vast majority of first-person wilderness games where, among other things, you get hungry, and stuff constantly crashes through walls. There are games on this list that, aside from the fact that the player must, y’know, survive, have almost nothing in common.

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Yes, that’s an essential concept in a lot of PC games. On the other hand, our selection feels like it’s about surviving in the face of a hostile universe, whether it’s you or someone else. It’s entirely up to you whether or not that hostility manifests itself in the form of extreme weather, hideous creatures, or the buildup of toxic waste gases in an asteroid colony. Now it’s your turn to pick a side:

Instead, if you’re too tired to read after prying a wolf’s mouth from your neck, check out this list’s excellent video. It’s right here, in fact:

Among Trees:

Among Trees

Relaxation might not be what you associate with survival games in which you’ll die by standing around too much, but Among Trees manages it. You’re dropped in a beautiful forest, in which you can barely move for bumping into cute bunnies and woodpeckers, and then set about exploring. You scavenge for food to eat, but you quickly transition from stuffing raw mushrooms in your mouth to building a miniature greenhouse next to your growing cabin. It’s survival as Henry David Thoreau imagined it, rather than Bear Grylls.

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There are literal bears, though, among the game’s few threats. There are also difficulty settings that let you fill your boots with poison mushrooms if you wish. It remains a beautiful forest to explore either way and well worth a visit even in its current early access state.

7 Days To Die:

7 Days to Die

To the untrained eye, 7 Days To Die seems to be simply another zombie game, the point where Minecraft and DayZ meet strangely. It would be a mistake to ignore this muddy-looking craft-em-up since it’s the closest thing we’ve ever had to an interactive zombie movie based on its primitive visuals and deformed environments. In Romero tradition, the zombies are slow-moving meat bags that barely notice your presence as you scavenge farther and further away from them.

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It’s all a ruse to make you believe everything is OK. When you bunker down for the night, you think to yourself, “Yeah, those traps will do the job.”. All hell breaks loose when a swarm attacks you in the game. Zombies 101 is all about making the same errors over and over again. Even though you should have known better, you continue to fall into their snare. As a final result, 7 Days To Die understands how to apply the perfect amount of pressure, as long as it doesn’t start chewing off your toes while you’re sleeping.

Oxygen Not Included:

Oxygen Not Included

As a game of Oxygen Not Included continues to grow and unfurl, it becomes more and more like an origami-like masterpiece of engineering with an incredible amount of depth and complication. Start on a 2D asteroid with just three simple-minded copies (called dupe) at your beck and call to dig out a base, cobble together some supplies of food and oxygen to avoid yourself dying within the first few days of your trip. To discover a somewhat more sustainable solution, it is necessary to extend outwards to prevent your very suicidal dupes from achieving their deepest wishes.

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Because Oxygen Not Included doesn’t provide any guidance, many individuals may miss out on what makes it unique. A few plates may be spinning at once, and one of them may spontaneously catch fire every few seconds. That’s how it seems sometimes. And that’s a scary thought to have. To learn the language of pipes and plumbing, you’ll need to spend some time tending to your dupe farm. You’ll also learn about pollution and prostitution if you keep your farm going long enough.

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