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14 October 2021

Best Simulation Games 2021 (PC)

Sims are different from other computer simulation games in that their primary purpose is not to amuse. Are you looking for a good time? Tough. That’s not what it’s like to operate a submarine. As a long-form experience, it’s intriguing, frightening, and enormously rewarding.

Finding the most excellent PC sims is like asking a shopkeeper for the “special” stock he keeps in his backroom, so it’s a genre thing. Some of these titles aren’t the best-sellers, but they all have active communities that offer extensive tutorials and incredible mods that allow you to experience something like driving an F1 car across Europe, piloting a military aircraft, or hauling a trailer full of plumbing parts across the country.

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What I like most about this free MMORPG because it’s simple to jump straight in, get a feel for how it works, and have a good time without spending any money. You’d have to be lying if you said that about Flight Simulator X.

War Thunder’s WW2/Korean War period lineup has more than 300 aircraft if you’re looking for raw might. Arcade (boo!) or simulation physics models may be used to shoot down flying enemies on PCs and consoles alike — the game’s servers are cross-platform. As a result, PC gamers will often find lots of juicy prey to take down. Ground warfare in War Thunder is the polar opposite of aerial combat; the steel monsters in this tank game move so slowly that you’re always on high alert, searching the scrubland for opponents. In this no-cost Steam game, the victor nearly invariably happens to be the first to shoot.

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The United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan all go to war here, each with its mechanical strengths, limitations, and complex upgrade pathways (there’s a long-running debate over Soviet equipment bias in this area)… This may not be the simulation game for you if you have a problem with grinding. However, if you’re looking for a World War II simulation with a large community in which you may begin playing immediately without spending any money… War Thunder is your sim, and you have exact requirements.



It’s a good sign when NASA and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk show interest in space travel simulation games. This physics-based space game lets you build and launch your spaceship into orbit before performing impossible tasks like docking with other vessels or landing your wobbling phallic creation on the moon, despite its adorable astronaut design.

Since the first release of KSP in 2011, the community has sprung into action with modifications, written and video instructions, a plethora of user-created spacecraft to test out for yourself, and a replica of The Martian to try out for yourself. The game’s success led NASA (the real NASA) to contact the creators, Squad, and work together to produce additional in-game material based on actual missions.

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Is it a reality check? Because it’s replicating one of the most complex human endeavors ever attempted, a certain amount of creative license is involved in playing this game. However, it’s as near as the media has gotten thus far in terms of quality. As a result, the rocket you constructed to appear like Gary Busey’s face disintegrated and caught fire the second you hit the thrusters because of Newtonian physics. Those in a position to evaluate this kind of stuff lauded its model of orbital mechanics.



Look no farther than Farming Simulator 19 if you’re looking for farming simulation games. The hint is right there in the name. Sorry for the joke, but trust us when we tell that Giants Software’s newest agricultural adventure is the closest one-to-one simulation of actually living off the land. Also, we know our stuff regarding Farming Simulator 19, as you can see from our journal.

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Because you’re going to spend many hours caring for your crops and animals, it’s lovely that Farming Simulator offers us a visual makeover. However, this does not affect the stench of manure. It’s the sort of management game that teaches you new abilities as you escape the big city, with more cars and intricacy than ever before. Alternatively, it allows you to create eerie crop circles.

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