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14 October 2021

Best Puzzle Games 2021 (PC)

In video games, puzzle games are a few genres that may be successful on one platform while being unpopular on another. For the most part, puzzle games on smartphones are highly regarded, regardless of the operating system. On PCs and consoles, the story is different.

Despite this, many computer or console-based puzzle games have been able to steal attention from other well-known genres in recent years. These are the greatest puzzle games you should play this year, according to our ranking below.

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The Pedestrian:

The Pedestrian

With positive reviews from reviewers, The Pedestrian began in the year 2021. With a “2.5D side-scrolling puzzle platformer,” the game was the clear winner when it came to creative puzzles. The objective is to utilize city signs to solve progressively tricky problems as a stick figure while exploring the city. Apart from that, you may engage in various activities between the characters, all of which contribute to the game’s vivid atmosphere. Pedestrian calls for innovative thinking, so be prepared to go outside the box.

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Like Jacksepticeye and Markiplier, many well-known developers have endorsed the game, while PC Gamer and Kotaku have high marks. Those aren’t the only people who like it; the game’s Steam website has a lot of good reviews as well. Some players took as little as a few hours to finish the game, while others took 10 hours. Is this a puzzler? If so, this game will likely fly by for you in a flash.

The Room Series:

The Room Series

The Room is a collection of four engaging 3D puzzle games, each with its own set of chambers. It would help if you solved a series of riddles concealed throughout these rooms to go on. To succeed, this procedure must be repeated many times.

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However, you should be aware that the number and difficulty of riddles will rise with each new level. New elements like cloud saving and Google Play Games achievements in The Room: Old Sins and an exploring component that distinguishes it from the other three games in the series.



The one thing I loved about Catherine was its honesty. It has something fresh to give. The gameplay focuses on Vincent Brooks (your character), a middle-aged guy who spends much of the time sitting with his pals at a neighborhood pub. Vincent’s life takes a dramatic change when his girlfriend, Katherine, with him for the past several years, begs him to marry her. Baffled and disturbed by Katherine’s persistence, Vincent somehow finds himself having an affair with a gorgeous young lady called Catherine with a C, whom he meets at the bar. Now things start getting worse for Vincent.

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The game is split into two parts, stretching across day and night. During the daylight, your character may do various things like talking with his pals and ordering beverages. The puzzle portion of the game takes place at night time, but it’s really ‘nightmare times.’

Your goal is to climb enormous stairs which are progressively crumbling and safely reach the summit. Remember, it’s all occurring in Vincent’s dream. To ascend the staircase, you must rapidly push and pull bricks while avoiding specific hazards.



The game takes place amid a dark forest, and you’re the only one who can make it out alive. In a forest full of traps and creatures just waiting to leap into your path, you’re torn between the horror of the situation and the urge to locate your sister. It’s very upsetting to learn how different viewpoints may magnify the spectacle of an event.

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In the first half of Limbo, you’ll come face to face with various creatures that are either dead or want to do you harm. The second part of the game includes all of the mechanical challenges you’ll encounter on your journey to the finish line.

Players should prepare to die or fail many times before figuring out how to go forward. To keep things interesting, the game implements a “trial-and-death” system that restarts the game exactly where you died each time you die until you figure out the solution.

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