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1 September 2021

The Top Video Games With Casinos and Gambling Games

Video games slowly became a new art form. They have changed so much in terms of graphic design, and engine complexity that it’s hard to call them just video games. Indeed, we might have to change this name to something else, like interactive experience, or similar. This form of entertainment goes above and beyond in some cases in order to depict life as accurately as possible, and still retain all the features that make up the game. 

Given the endeavor to be as realistic as possible, it’s no surprise that some titles also include a casino. They even add mini-games that are in fact casino games and give rewards to players based on their luck. Here we will go over the top video games that also have casinos in them.  

Red Dead Redemption 2

Both Red Dead Redemption games are regarded as top-tier work by Rockstar Games studio. The second game truly captures that wild west vibe and has received stellar reviews by game critiques. There are in-game saloons where players can actually play casino games with other NPCs. This was the case with both Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2, but the sequel shortened the list of available games for some reason. The ones that are available are Blackjack, Poker Dominos, and Five finger fillet.  

Grand Theft Auto 

GTA franchise is a well-known one among gamers. It’s a unique experience where you get to assume a role of a gangster and brutally deal with your enemies. It’s a title full of vice and sin, it’s very entertaining, and casinos and gambling naturally fit here actually. Players tend to spend hours in these virtual casinos and when you think about it these were among the first online casinos ever. 

In case you wish to gamble with real money and play with other people online, then maybe play some of the newer versions of the GTA games or just go to a browser-based gambling platform. Nowadays, you can even play without creating an account thanks to no account online casino sites. They allow you to play anonymously, and chances are they will also accept cryptocurrencies. 

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout is another famous franchise, and it’s an RPG game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic futuristic world. One of the more recent releases was Fallout: New Vegas and as the name suggests you are in a place that used to be Las Vegas. Meaning, it would be pretty darn weird if there weren’t any casinos here. The games you can play here are:

  • Blackjack
  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Lucky horseshoes

It’s a modest selection admittedly but if you wish to expand your choices an online gambling parlor is a way to go. There are many budget-friendly casinos that you can find, and try out all the different games. If you wish to interact with other players, you can try some of the live dealer experiences that tend to be available on these sites. 


Since these are primarily games for kids all of the newer releases of Pokemon don’t have a town with a casino. However, earlier generations did, and you could play slots there. There were several rewards that can be exchanged for chips, like potions, and battle items, but also new Pokemon that weren’t available in the near vicinity. 


For those who enjoy first-person shooters, Bioshock is one of the best titles out there. This is a narrative-driven experience with an amazing story and many other mini-games. For those who love to explore every nook and cranny, there is a pleasant surprise. Throughout the levels you can find slot machines that will payout coins, but once you win once the consecutive wins become less likely to occur. 

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