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16 September 2021

How to Play Racing Rivals on PC using MEmu Emulator

Racing games give gamers the adrenaline in a rush they are looking for. There are a lot of racing games where the gameplay is pretty easy to predict. There is little to no suspense in the game regarding what’s coming next. But some games always have something for you, and it is unexpected! One such game is Racing Rivals.



In the Racing Rivals game, you need not control the directions, but instead, you need to shift the gears at the point where it is required. By doing this, you can hit the right speed and get all your racing rivals back to the hut! It’s a complete entertainment package overall, and the gameplay would surely remind you of the CSR racing game at times. There are a lot of ways through which you can race your favorite car against unknown opponents.

Various Modes!

From long tournaments to a quick match, and from multiplayer gaming to driver’s challenge, there are many modes in the game to keep you on your toes. The best bet could be a quick match, where you can practice against the race against a single opponent, and there isn’t much to lose in that.

Customize Your Car!

Meanwhile, when you win matches, you’re rewarded with specific points, and it’s interesting to notice how you can use them to make your car faster and reliable. Fixing your tires, getting a turbo boost, changing the exhaust system, the intake system, and a lot more can be done when you have enough points in your account.

Shifting Gears at the Right Time!

Whenever you change the gears during the race, it indicates to you with a message on your screen whether it was a perfect shift or not. It helps you identify the points at which you need to accelerate and shift the gears to be on top always. Make sure you launch the race at the right time when the lights turn green. If you release the launch button before that, you will get disqualified there itself.


Stunning Graphics & Sound

The graphics in the game are stunning, and so is the sound. The roaring of the cars seems more realistic than any other racing game.

Get a chance to drive your favorite cards like McLaren, Ford, Dodge, BMW, Acura, Mitsubishi, RWB, and Scion in the Racing Rivals game.

The controls in the game are perfect for Android devices, but it works even better when played on PC. So, let’s see the step-by-step guide on playing Racing Rivals on PC using the MEmu emulator.

How to Install Racing Rivals on PC?

To play any Android game on your PC, you will require an Android emulator. While there are many out there, the trusted one is the MEmu emulator, which is light and has several options to customize your gaming experience.

#1. First, download the MEmu emulator on your Windows PC. Make sure you download the offline installed if you wish to keep the emulator file on your PC.

#2. The next step is installing the emulator, launching it, and signing in using your Google account.

#3. Once done, head over to the Google Play Store and search for Racing Rivals. If you do not find any official game, you can also sideload the APK file if you’ve one.

#4. The next step is to install the Racing Rivals game on your PC and start playing it just like you do on your Android device.

That was pretty simple, wasn’t it?! Well, if you too want to play Racing Rivals for PC game on your Windows systems, go for it now! It is worth playing the game on a larger screen rather than adjusting on the smaller screen of your smartphone.

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