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30 August 2021

Strict Tricks Always Win When Playing PC Racing Games

Playing games on a personal computer (PC) is indeed more fun, especially if you play racing-themed games. Because PC racing games can be played online with many people, aka multiplayer. That way, the game will be more exciting and tense.

What is PC Racing Game?

Racing games are actually racing-themed video games that can be played on many devices such as TVs, smartphones, and tablets. This game is one of the most popular video game genres among video game lovers both in the country and globally.

So, it can be said that PC racing games are video games with the racing genre that are played through PCs. Why should you specifically use a PC? This is because many PCs used to play games have sophisticated specifications.

With a wider screen size of course this will make the game easier. Not only that, many people feel that playing PC games is also easier to control compared to using other devices, such as smartphones or TVs that require a gamepad.

Supported by various additional equipment to improve audio quality, communication, and the sensation of playing games, making PC the best choice for some game lovers around the world.

Although actually racing games have been introduced for a long time, the presence of various advanced technologies, especially in terms of graphics, makes this game feel more real and interesting. In fact, many additional tools are purchased at a high price just to improve the game.

Because it has a racing theme, don’t be surprised if the costumes, arenas, vehicles, and rules in video games are often made very similar to the original. In fact, there are also games that are inspired by actual matches.

This is of course done so that players can feel the sensation of racing in the real world. As in championships in the real world, players are required to drive their vehicle as fast as possible to the finish line bypassing various obstacles.

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Tips for Winning Any Kind of Racing Game

Although currently there are many types of racing games available, actually all racing games have the same goal, namely racing. Therefore, regardless of the type of vehicle used or the background of the race venue, there is always a special trick to be able to win the game.

For fans of this video game genre, here are some easy tips that can be used to win racing games:

1. Understand the Concept

Actually, racing games haven’t changed much since they were first introduced in the 90s. Although in terms of appearance the racing game looks more sophisticated by presenting a more realistic image, in fact, the concept used remains the same.

 Players will be required to compete with each other to drive vehicles to reach the finish line. The thing that distinguishes it apart from the visual aspect, of course, is the selection of tracks or racing arenas that are changed according to the times.

This is actually not a strange thing considering that there are currently a lot of racing games that are inspired by championships or competitions that actually happen in the real world. Examples are the WRC World Rally Championship, Formula 1, MotoGP, and many more.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the type of game being played. Because understanding the vehicle and the arena used will open up the opportunity to win much bigger.

2. Understand the Rules and Types of Games Played

Although both have racing themes, not all racing games are the same. Of course, each video game title has differences depending on the storyline. Not only that, the background of the arena, the number of players, and game developers can greatly determine the player’s victory.

3. Choose Easy-to-Control Games

Not only different games, but game players also have differences, especially in terms of physicality and choice of tool use. There are players who have small hands so it is difficult to control the game when using a PC.

Not only that, it’s important to know that there are actually several types of video games that are quite difficult to control using a keyboard and mouse. Therefore, you should avoid this kind of game because it can be difficult for players if forced to play on a PC.

If forced, then players will not only experience defeat but also risk injuring themselves. It should be noted that PC games require reflexes and fast typing skills, so if players have difficulty doing so, their hands can be injured.

4. Choose the Right Vehicle

Vehicle selection is the most important aspect of racing games. Similar to real-world championships, each vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, players must really understand their own vehicle in order to control it properly.

Keep in mind that regardless of the type of championship, choosing a vehicle cannot be done arbitrarily. By choosing the right vehicle, the percentage to win the race will be much greater.

5. Do a Gradual Upgrade

Doing updates or upgrades is important to keep the vehicle running optimally. However, keep in mind so as not to overdo it. Because this can greatly affect the performance of the vehicle used in the game.

6. Don’t Use NOS Carelessly

NOS or Turbo is a method used to increase vehicle speed instantly. However, improper use of NOS will actually harm players because it will waste time and energy.

So, before using this function, it is highly recommended to wait for the right moment. Examples are when approaching the finish line or after passing a corner that is sharp enough to be able to catch up with your opponent better.

7. Ensure Stable Internet Connection

Sometimes technical problems can also cause serious disturbances while playing. One of them, of course, is an internet connection. Playing games on PC, especially online, of course, requires a stable and fast connection.

If not, it will pose a risk of lag which is very hated by players because it interferes with the course of the game. Therefore, before playing, make sure that the internet connection is smooth and does not experience interference.

8. Use Quality Equipment

It must be admitted that quality equipment will provide many advantages. In addition to better performance, equipment created specifically for gaming is known to be durable and long-lasting so it is safer when used for long games.

Unfortunately, the price of quality equipment is very expensive. Even 1 PC set to play games can cost up to tens of dollars. Therefore, not everyone can have it.

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