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1604840cookie-checkDenuvo Technology Dropped Off Before The August Launch Of Humankind Game
23 July 2021

Denuvo Technology Dropped Off Before The August Launch Of Humankind Game

Humankind is the magnum opus and a historical strategy game by Amplitude games. The game is all about rewriting the future of humankind on earth. The game has been released in many parts like One Million Civilizations, In the Eyes of Posterity, More than History, It is Your Story, and Master a Fully Tactical World. The Denuvo Technology has been issued widely as an anti-tamper to avoid any gaming or tampering issues that may disrupt the gamers.

Denuvo And Gaming Performance

The Denuvo technology is the least liked DRM technology and best known on the flip side too. The developers like this technology because it can put many issues out of the game before releasing the patch. But, gamers hate it because Denuvo has got the reputation of negatively affecting gaming performance.

However, Amplitude Studios have confirmed that it will remove this anti-piracy technology when going full throttle with their game humankind globally. The company takes this step, and it has been widely shared online by the Studio Head and Chief Commercial Officer Romain de Waubert de Denlis in the Q & A session with the fans. The feedback was discussed about the closed Beta for the Humankind game.

Even examples are coming up in this scenario where the Digital Foundry confirmed that Resident Evil Village runs better with a cracked-down version. It works better than the DRM release. However, to keep the game secure and amplify its performance, the company also released a patch for Resident Evil Village to address any issues. The Digital Foundry has, however, made adjustments to optimize the piracy technology.

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Keeping all these things related to DRM in mind, Amplitude Studios is also making some Denuvo technology-related adjustments. However, on a serious note, the gaming company is looking forward to removing the anti-piracy feature before it goes into full swing globally.

Amplitude Studios Providing Robust Gaming Solutions

The Head of Amplitude Studios stated that the only agenda of launching Denuvo was to keep the hacking and piracy out of the gaming sector. Piracy has been affecting the development of PC-based games drastically. However, our team found out that Denuvo is interfering with Humankind gaming performance. So, before launching in August, we will be taking the Denuvo technology down.

The company will be withdrawing this feature and will be launching as scheduled for August 2021. Amplitude Studios was keen to save the game from any piracy during its development. It was a dream project of Denlis for the last 25 years.

The development of the Humankind game took four years before being made available for the players. In the words of Denlis, “Our Humankind was on the wishlist of many players this year, so we knew that we have to make it happen. However, the team knew that the pirates would target us during the development phase. So, Denuvo technology was used to keep the pirates out of the development phase. We never wanted our fans to get the cracked version of this game. Therefore, we have put Denuvo in full swing before the launch of humankind.”

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