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1593590cookie-checkThe Roller Girls are what it’s all about in Big Willy Unleashed
29 June 2021

The Roller Girls are what it’s all about in Big Willy Unleashed

Destroy All Humans Big Willy is the third installment in the Destroy All Humans series. Released in 2007 exclusively for the Wii, it is regarded by many fans as the least good in the series – but there is one thing I LOVE about it: The Roller Girls.

In Big Willy Unleashed, you play for a clone of the evil Furon Crypto, this time fighting to protect his boss Pox’s fast-food chain in which the hot dogs are made out of human flesh. The meat is sold to the unwitting humans, and throughout the game, you have to fight humans who fight to expose your evil schemes.

The Roller Girls are a gang of college-aged girls who live in the town of Fairfield and like to party, roller skate, date, and they are led by the awesome Mindy Peters. Discovering that Big Willy’s Unleashed is run by aliens selling human hotdogs inspires the gang of rebel girls to break into the restaurant and steal the secret recipe.

Thus begins a guerrilla war waged by the roller girls against the night of the Furon empire. They are armed by a colonel (who has his own secret agenda) with bombs to take out Big Willy’s. You stop them and they are ordered to infiltrate the roller girls and destroy their base and kill Mindy Peters. Sadly, this plan succeeds, and in the end, you destroy the entire town of Fairfield except for the restaurant. (But who’s going to eat there now??)

In the end, only a few roller girls survived to continue to fight you whenever you return to the ruins of their town. There is one thing that I would want to be changed in any remake of this game though: Delete the dialogue where the dying Roller Girls shout “Daddy warned me this would happen!” It’s misogynistic and is exactly the type of garbage scriptwriting that made fans dislike Big Willy Unleashed in the first place.

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