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1593561cookie-checkThis 4th of July, Gothic girls is what it’s all about
24 June 2021

This 4th of July, Gothic girls is what it’s all about

Pale white skin. Black hair. Dressed all in black clothing. Dark eyeliner. Black lipstick. A disdain for materialistic, “preppy” concerns. In short, Gothic girls.

Raven’s Dream is now out in bookstores everywhere. From the plot description:

Raven’s new clock is not like other clocks. It has the power to bring her into another world known as the Dreaming, a world full of weird magic and oddities which appeal to her Gothic sensibilities – but not all is as it appears to be. A monstrous evil lurks at the heart of the Dreaming, watching Raven’s every move. Nightmares and dreams await…

Written in a style similar to Coraline, Raven’s Dream is filled with such wondrous creatures as Chinese dragons, people made of wax, terrifying clowns, and mysterious singing. Meanwhile, in the waking world, Raven must contend with preppy bullies led by mean rich girl Lilly, and even more threatening, a mysterious society called the Gatekeepers that are trying to take back the clock that Raven discovered.

Released to good reviews, Raven’s Dream is a celebration of Gothic subculture. Will Raven make it out of this YA horror adventure okay? Read the book and find out.

Nightmares and dreams await.

And remember: death is never the end.

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