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28 May 2021

Mobile Legends Battle Points: How to Farm Them Quickly 2021

Mobile Legends Battle Points is an in-game currency that will unlock several aspects of the MOBA game for you. You can unlock heroes from the MLBB tier list, emblems, and fragments for increasing your power so you can win more games. Of course, acquiring these BPs is another story altogether, but we’ll show you how to do so in this guide.

Mobile Legends Battle Points Farm

Activate Battle Points Cards

There are two types of Mobile Legends Battle Points cards you can earn, namely Victory and Double BP. The former applies to winning a match while the second gives you twice the rewards. You can earn more weekly BPs this way instead of the standard limit of 7,500.

Focus on A.I. and Brawl Battles

When you play these matches, you’re facing off against artificial intelligence instead of other online players. Your previous opponents may even join you in these modes, as they are eager to build up their Mobile Legends Battle Points too. The matches usually play up to twelve minutes, so you can expect short games for quick rewards.

Win Matches

Of course, the best way to rack up those Mobile Legends Battle Points is to play and win as many matches as possible. Gaining a victory will boost the rewards significantly while being the Most Valuable Player cranks it up even more. Select your top hero and go into the game with guns blazing!

Head for Rankings

You’ll receive exclusive rewards if you play Ranked Matches against the top gamers. These challenges are excessively challenging, but the BPs are impressively high. Find a professional team to join and see if you can take on the opponents.

Claim Your Treasure

There are free chests available every four hours that contain between 40 and 50 BPs. While this may not seem like much, it builds up if you continue to collect them in time. You can stack chests up to two before they’ll stop arriving.

Rise To The Top!

Farming Mobile Legends Battle Points is straightforward if you put in the time and the effort. It requires constant gaming and winning to unlock and build the best heroes. Even if you lose, just keep on going and take every chance to raise your collection of BPs. In the end, you’ll become unstoppable and the awe of other players.

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