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24 April 2021

Why you should read Frieren at the Funeral

Frieren at the Funeral is a curious manga. It doesn’t have a distinct and gripping storyline that it follows – but it certainly has a destination. The story is set years after the demise of the Demon King, and as time passes, the heroes that killed him and saved the world die from age.

First, it was the humans, then the stoutly dwarf, and now all who is left is Frieren, the elf. Of course, aging isn’t much a concern for Frieren – elves live hundreds of years after all, but as the story progresses, she realizes that she misses the people she adventured with all those years ago.

               Frieren at the Funeral follows Frieren as she retraces the same steps she once took all those years ago, with new companions at her side. These companions are enjoyable and nuanced, and character interactions are unique and engaging. This manga does not have a serious and pressing issue at hand but succeeds in creating a relaxed and nostalgic tone. The manga flips between the present and the past world, and the author, Yamada Kanehito, is talented in creating a compelling setting in both the past and present world. The protagonist’s driving ambition is her reminiscence of the past and the feeling that she did not treasure the time that she spent with her old companions.

               Abe Tsukasa’s art is definitely one of the strong points of the manga – I mean, look at this color piece!

               While the more serious arcs of this ongoing manga can leave much to be desired, every page so far has been a pleasure to read, and I look forward to reading it weekly. The manga’s current arc has demonstrated Yamada Kanehito’s ability to construct multi-faceted side characters and intriguing philosophies that they follow.

               If you are looking for a more quiet and slower-paced manga, yet with its exciting moments, Frieren at the Funeral is the one for you.

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