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14 April 2021

Top 5 OSRS Bosses to Fight in 2021

At the end of a quest or during the mini-games, you will encounter OSRS bosses that are harder to kill. These are typically fought with team players. Most bosses will be found in multi-way areas. Players fight bosses in pursuit of high-valuable drops and OSRS gold. We decided to have a look at the top Old School Runescape bosses to fight in 2021.

Killing these top bosses will not only get you cool rewards but also boost your XP. However, you need to have progressed to a certain level in the game to find these bosses. You can either take your time leveling up or buy OSRS gold to speed up the process.

Let’s find out what bosses are the most lucrative to kill! But to really stand a chance against the toughest bosses, you will need a team that works well together and is fast enough!

Top OSRS bosses to fight in 2021

1.  Verzik Vitur

In the theatre of blood, you will encounter 6 bosses in a row and upon killing the final one, Verzik Vitur, a level 1040 boss; you will be lead to her treasure vault. Inside you will find 5 treasure chests, one chest for each player. An average loot of 9, 797,052 worth of gold can be expected to be found after successfully killing the final boss in the area without dying.

2. Zulrah

To combat Zulrah, the solo-only snake boss, you must have completed Regicide to the point of reaching Port Tyras. Zulrah is a level 725 boss and you need to speak with High Priestess Zul-Hacinga and offer yourself as the sacrifice before facing this boss.

You can only cause damage to Zulrah using Ranged or Magic attacks. Melee attacks won’t work against this snake boss. A decent player can aim for 28 to 32 kills and therefore accumulate an average of 4.5 million gold coins per hour. Killing Zulrah will fetch you an average of 115, 508.37 gold coins.

3. Alchemical Hydra

The Alchemical Hydra isn’t the ordinary type of slayer monster, Hydra. It’s a boss found in the lower level of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon in Mount Karuulm. You need to be on a hydra Slayer task in order to kill Alchemical Hydra. Also, since this Hydra is only found inside the volcano, you will need boots that will protect you from the heat.

You can reach the boss’s lair by approaching north past the Tasakaal. Next, you need to move east past the hydras. But you will require slayer level 95 to kill this boss. The average income per hour, while fighting Alchemical Hydra, is estimated to be around 5.6 million gold coins per hour.

On a konar task, the average amount of gold you can acquire for a single kill amounts to 187,187.02 gold.

4. Vorkath

Vorkath is a draconian monster-boss with a combat level of 732. He is identified as a blue dragon and is found during the Dragon Slayer II quest. It uses a variety of attacks and two special attacks against you. Rings of recoil are ineffective against this dragon boss.

Also, since Vorkath is an undead monster, you may use Salve Amulet against it. You can aim for 30 to 34 kills per hour and earn an average of gold worth 130,239.77 for every kill.

5. General Graador

He is the leader of the Bandos’ forces and the only living member of the Ourg in OSRS. You can find him in Bandos’ Stronghold but will need a level of 70 and a hammer to access it. You will also be required to kill 40 of Bandos’ followers to reach this boss.

So, what’s the reward of killing General Graador? It will depend enormously on whether you receive unique drops or not. With the unique drops, the GP averages to around 160,000 but without that, it will only be around 24,000.


These are the top Old School Runescape bosses to fight in 2021 for the most valuable rewards in the game. But most of these bosses are not accessible at the early stages of the game. You need to progress through quests and level up your skills to access and kill these bosses.

Most players typically use the best OSRS gold sites listed on the Gamezod to buy gold and use it to speed up their progress in the game.

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