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15 January 2021

How to climb higher in Tekken online rankings 2021

Let’s pretend that Tekken 7 is the only fighting game in the world. Everyone plays this fighting game, and its influence is so significant to the reputation of the players as individuals depend on the progress.

Now we do not take into account that for popular streamers, success in Tekken Online, expressed in high rank, is associated with their earnings, therefore their standard of living and you want to be successful at all costs and to achieve a really high level in this game.

First, what are the online ranks? Ranks are the levels you reach by winning (or losing) online duels. The higher your rank, the more your so-called prestige among other players.

A little about ranks:

Beginner level

From 1st kyu to 3rd dan

Almost Pro level

Initiate, Mentor, Expert, Grand Master – Light Blue ranks.

If you have reached the very first Green Brawler rank, you are already on the 5.5% list of the best players in Tekken 7. For example, if we take a few random people who have Tekken 7 and play it, and you have the Brawler rank, you will probably be the best of them.

Other green ranks:

  • Marauder – 4%
  • Fighter – 2.5%
  • Vanguard – 1.7%

Professional gamer

Yellow ranks (1 of 30 people approximately). Like you are 1 of 30 random Tekken players. So you are already an excellent Tekken player.

  • Warrior – 1.1%
  • Vindicator – 0.7%
  • Juggernaut – 0.5%
  • Usurper – 0.3%

Orange ranks

  • Vanqusher – 0.3%.
  • Destroyer – 0.2%
  • Savior – 0.1%
  • Overlord 0.05%

Red ranks

  • Genbu – 0.05%
  • Byakko – 0.025%
  • Seiryu – 0.020%
  • Suzaku – 0.010%

And Ruler and above ranks are the rarest among all.

When you see how professional streamers who often spend all their time practicing in the game, achieve orange or red rank and you think that your green one is worthless, you are wasting yourself. If you recently installed Tekken and just now decided to understand this game, do not despair. You may well reach heights, but consider whether you should spend hundreds of hours practicing and training. If you are interested in playing with your friends in the evenings, you have no reason to spend so much time on it. A game is just a game.

To improve your rank – you need to increase the number of victories. Of course, sometimes it depends on luck. But in the vast majority of cases, it depends on your skill.

What can you do to improve your Tekken 7 rank?

First of all, you need to train your movements. It is difficult, and you need to monitor the game and anticipate the enemy’s actions closely. Nevertheless, once you figure out when you need to make a back dash, you will become several times stronger than most players in Tekken 7.

First, try to get used to moving around in your Practice mode. It is very important that you can do a back dash or squat without any delay. A second delay and your opponent will chop you.

Take your time! Your task is to move or crouch on time – at the moment when the enemy starts to hit.

After you feel confident in your training, try playing online. But your task is not to beat the enemy but to block attacks and move in time. You still have time to fight.

As a rule, against blows from the left side, you need to take a step to the right, and vice versa. Unlike back dash, the right side step will help you dodge a series of punches rather than a single jab.

It is also essential to understand how to get up off the ground after a missed hit adequately. Once on the ground, most of the players stupidly press all the buttons in a row, but this is wrong. The character can stand up in different ways: with a trip, a blow to the head, roll left, right, forward, backward, or somersault. Each option has its purpose.

About characters and combinations


Let’s say your friend always plays as Bryan, and you find him boring. Therefore, you play as the insane Yoshimitsu. After 985 defeats, you start to think it’s not your ability. It’s just that the friend has a stronger character, so it’s easier for him to win.

In Tekken 7, as in any other fighting game, there are shooting lists – lists of characters, from the strongest to the weakest. Such shooting plans are made by famous players, tournament organizers, and the community of game fans.

But you need to understand that Tekken 7 does not have the most powerful characters. There are those for whom it is easier and more profitable to play, for example, for Jack-7. This character has a great set of punches and combinations that are easy to do. That is why he is taken at every major tournament.

Any character turns into a killing machine in the right hands—even the most difficult ones like Yoshimitsu, Master Raven, or devil Jin.

The problem is that they are more difficult to play: you need to know special tactics and techniques, spend many hours practicing combinations. But with true perseverance, everyone can learn them. So if you like a character, learn to play it by keeping playing.

We want to remind you that neither your life nor your self-esteem should depend on virtual games. Tekken 7 ranks are designed for those who wish to devote a significant part of their life to this game. And if you are ready to spend considerable time and energy on improving your game – practice and get to know your character from all sides. Please discover its cons and strengths!

Play smart, and you will win!

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