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7 December 2020

Hollywood Enters Panic Mode After WB Announcement

Warner Brother’s has announced their entire 2021 lineup, which includes Wonder Woman 1984, will be released for free on HBO Max. This announcement comes the way of the Hollywood Reporter who broke the news last Thursday.
Most of Warner Brother’s upcoming 2021 slate was never going to turn a profit or make as much money as they wanted it to. Some of their movies continue to be mired in progressive identity politics, while others lack any significant interest from the public necessary to produce big box offices. The latter’s only potential salvation lay in ultra-low budgets that nearly guarantee any decent showing would turn a profit.

Warner Brother’s executives went on record with the Hollywood Reporter conferring how they believe the move is what is in the best interest of both the customer and movie theaters who additional lucrative deals will be arranged. Warner Brother’s chairman Toby Emmerich stated he believes people will still go to the theaters to watch movies, so this decision will not negatively impact said industry.

Contrasting their statements to reality paints a different picture. By all observation, the movie industry is dying, with it being a miracle, the top three chains in the US will emerge from 2021 in a capacity to generate the billion-dollar blockbuster of yore. Warner Media’s parent company AT&T struggles under the crippling one hundred fifty billion-plus dollar debt load.

The Idea that it is feasible to hold onto an entire year’s lineup is laughable. Warner Media’s decision is a calculated move aimed at boosting HBO Max to a point where it generates the revenue needed to justify the company’s existence to AT&T. After all, it is entirely within the realm of possibility for AT&T to shift some debt onto its subsidiaries and dump them. That is how the profitable Toys Are Us chain went bankrupt.

According to the latest rumors emerging from a broadcast from the center of the Earth, Doomcock reveals the decision has sent all of Hollywood into full panic mode.


Not just because they put their lineup on their streaming service, which is reported to be troublesome for the industry as it gives HBO Max a massive boost over its competition. No, the fact they will be doing it for free is what has sent the industry into hysteria. If Warne Brothers put their content on their platform for free, consumers will expect them to do so as well.

Meaning no more thirty-dollar rentals, no more gatekept content. Never mind it is questionable whether prior schemes even generated profit. None of the companies are too keen to discuss the financial reality and instead contend the issue by throwing out positive-sounding statistics. The industry is not happy. Either they follow suit or allow HBO Max to have the better offering while appearing to be the most consumer-friendly streaming service.

Perhaps this will be when the industry takes the time to reflect on their behavior, anti-American mentality, and elitism. Changing the way they do business, trim the fat, and come out of this crisis reborn and efficient. Likely they’ll just crash and burn into the scene of irrelevance.

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