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19 December 2020

Discount Watch: Eneba Holiday Sale

Note: Discount Watch is an in-development experimental format where we bring you notices on significant discounts. For the foreseeable future these will likely come sporadically, but ideally will be a mainstay when the full relaunch occurs.

Currently, CD key reseller Eneba is hosting their holiday sale. The sale isn’t extensive and some deals are outright not worth it. Several of the available games are going for a fairly solid discount. Some of the sale items are exclusive to the European Union, which is great for those of you in the Eu, but not so much us burgers.

Noteworthy Mentions

Cyberpunk 2077 (GoG): $45.92

Without a doubt, this game’s launch is a disaster, on consoles. PC players on the other hand have reported a smooth, relatively bug-free experience. In a few months with the overhaul patches, the game will run smoother, have more content, and be in a better place. If you have the patience, now is a great time to acquire the game.

Skyrim Special Edition (Steam): $8.93

For the two or three of you who don’t already own this game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Battle Net): $55.11

Look some of you are going to buy it anyway. You might as well save a few dollars.

Witcher 3 (GoG): $8.32

A solid game, solid price, doesn’t come with the DLC.

No Man’s Sky (Steam): $15.91

After four massive updates, the game has reached the state promised at launch. Now it is worthy of being called No Man’s Sky instead of No Man’s Game.

Dark Souls Remastered (Steam): $18.36

Git Gud

Sea of Thieves Anniversary Edition (PC and Xbox): $26.94

A solid time killer to play with your friends. Graphically the game is gorgeous, but the world population is rather low.

Dragon Ball FighterZ (Steam): $7.21

Fans love it, not much of a fighter player myself.

Dying Light Enhanced Edition (Steam): $8.56

Solid zombie killer and great coop game.

Tekken 7 (Steam): $7.34

A solid fighter with a robust character creator.

Payday 2: Legacy Edition (Steam): $8.56

Solid game to play with friends. Has a fantastic Christmas album as well.

Doom (Steam): $4.08

A missed opportunity to sell it for $6.66. Shame. This is the 2016 Doom, not Doom Eternal.

Marvel’s The Avengers (Steam): $30.61

For those you hate this holiday. Also, I checked, no they aren’t paying you $30.61 to take a key, which would be a lowballed offer.

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