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13 November 2020

Best Advice So Students Can Better Manage Gaming

As we grow older, managing time does not become any easier as an increasing volume of responsibilities is dropped upon us, eating up an ever-increasing amount of our finite time on this earth.

Yet all work and no play make Jack’s body and mind not just unhappy, but can actively sabotage one’s ability to achieve the goals they are undertaking, be it work or studies. Many to manage this conflict simply give up time studying to unwind and let their body and mind rest, but pragmatically getting an F isn’t an option for students. Thus, we need sound advice beyond, “suck it up” or “that’s just life.”

Fortunately, there is some pragmatic, easily adoptable advice: Increase your learning efficiency. Alas, this is something our education system should have instilled in us at some point, but they didn’t. Thankfully, though, it is relatively easy to learn.

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1: Establish a dedicated space for learning

“Golly Gee, that’s helpful” is what you’re probably thinking as this advice is a trope at this point. Yet there is a pragmatic impact to having a dedicated space free of distraction. Not only does it prevent your mind from wandering, but it creates a mentality that increases your efficiency at the desired task, which in this case is studying.

2: Learn to Chunk

Chunking is a method that tricks your hippocampi into prioritizing information for memory storage. By combining three or more pieces of information, you increase the prioritization of storage and alleviate overload simultaneously. For example, George Washington, 1776, crossed a frigid river to pone redcoats.

Adding visual anchors further increases the effectiveness of chunking and makes information recall faster.

3: The Pomodoro Technique

Any student can tell you burnout is a thing, but did you know there is an easy way to avoid it? The Pomodoro Technique is a method that can be applied throughout your life, but for education, you study for 20-25 minutes, take a 5-minute break, repeat three times and then take a 15-30-minute break.

During the extended break, your brain will decompress and begin storing the information you just attempted to learn. Further, one of the first tasks you will do is break down the task before you with reasonable goals. If you have to study 3 chapters, then you’d break down what needs to be done during those three chapters, such as vocabulary, notes, etc. Remember, the method is in effect during your breakdown to prevent your breakdown.

With your efficiency increased, any student will be able to find more time to game, but remember to prioritize what keeps you on your purpose.

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