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30 October 2020

Time to Change

We are excited to announce that we are rebranding and restructuring the entire One Angry Gamer project. The previous webmaster has decided to invest his time into other ventures and had passed over the reigns to a new team. will be on maintenance up until around March 2021, might be up and running a lot sooner – depends from investors, keep your eyes out for updates! (Comment sections will be opened again as soon as they are revised and cleaned up)

The new ownership is not responsible for any of the content that has been made up until 01/01/2021. If there are people who’d wish to edit their content or have issues regarding this topic, do not hesitate and contact us at: admin @ oneangrygamer (dot) net

We will start this journey by giving a website a new look, a more convenient functionality and a slight change to the politically related content. We will mainly be focusing on high quality articles on your favorite topics: games, cheats, discounts, technology news and so on.

The Terms of Service will be revised and updated according to Google’s AdSense policies, which can be found here: Hope you will understand why this change was mandatory to secure the survival of OAG

We hope you will stay with us on this big step for the OAGamer community and talk to you soon!

We are also looking for passionate, hard-working writers to join our new team!

Potential investors can contact us at: admin @ oneangrygamer (dot) net for business inquires as well.

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