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Angry Assault
12 July 2020

Traitors To America About to Plunge Seattle into Chaos, Warns Police Guild President

All actions have consequences. Like a stone causes a ripple across a pond, our individual and collective decisions have a subtle and profound impact on the world around us. When George Floyd was killed, nearly all Americans agreed it was time for long-overdue reforms to the functional structure of our police.

As Americans, we agreed that the police are never to act as judge, jury, and execution, nor should they have legal immunity when they fail to uphold the duty of their office. There were some things we needed to discuss. Such as ending the War on Drugs and abolishing the Crime Act of ’94, as first steps in returning the police to their proper role in society, rather than the political enforcers they have gradually become. Much to the chagrin of those who only want to serve and protect their community.

In the moment that Americans had a brief moment of agreement in cause, if not execution, the Traitors of America swooped in and hijacked the issue. No longer was the issue about political overreach and the need for systemic reform. Instead, it became about fictional systematic racism and pushing a Marxist agenda.

Instead of political reform, they began decrying that we need to defund the police. Certain political actors like Yong Yea falsely claimed their goal was only to transfer funds from the police and into socialist programs with no proven track record. Then the New York Times, the paper of record, stated for the record that yes, they mean abolish the police.

In Seattle, the city council is preparing to slash the police’s budget by 50%, causing the loss of over 1,100 employees, including all dispatchers. Don’t worry. The city council plans to decriminalize Seattle, which means the police will not prevent most of what is now illegal after this measure is enacted.

In response to this, Police Guild President Michael Solan had the following to say.

“If our reasonable community across this city, our state, and more importantly, our nation don’t wake up … crime will rise significantly, and over half, if not more, of the police jobs in our city will be eviscerated.”

“This is coming into your neighborhood if we don’t wake up and stop this socialist threat immediately.”

“As police officers, we’re engaging in this reimagining or re-envisioning police services to our entire city as we must because we serve at the will of the community,” he said.

“But sadly, this socialist city council controlled by a certain group of individuals that have the entire council, if not more importantly our ignored majority, hostage by their political antics, must be stopped.”

Sadly for the people of Seattle, the Black Lives Matter advocates in the city council are about to plunge their city into absolute chaos. Companies, if they haven’t already left, are going to abandon the city, leaving it a veritable ghost town. Unlike Detroit that had the shell of once-great manufacturing, two billionaires, and an entire state to prop it up, Seattle is going to collapse into a crime-ridden hellscape.

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