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1473800cookie-checkNASCAR Heat 5 Initial Release Set For July 7th On PC, PS4, Xbox One
10 May 2020

NASCAR Heat 5 Initial Release Set For July 7th On PC, PS4, Xbox One

704Games and Motorsport Games announced that NASCAR Heat 5 will make its way to home consoles and PC starting July 7th. Specifically, the Gold Edition of the game will launch on that date while the standard edition of NASCAR Heat 5 will arrive on July 10th.

So first and foremost the cover athlete for the Gold Edition of the game is multi-time champion and hall of fame racer, Tony Stewart. The game seems to be chock full of the kind of content that makes it a must-buy for any NASCAR fan. The game comes with so many different modes and features that it amazes me how much 704Games just keeps adding to each new iteration of the series. It’s wildly impressive.

You’ll have the standard Career Mode to play through, which now includes improved stat tracking, along with multiple choices in how you work you way through each series leading up to the NASCAR Cup Series using your own custom team, or you can pick an established franchised and play through the career mode as one of your favorite teams and racers.

There’s an all new Testing Mode added to the game so you can modify and play-test your car’s settings before taking it to the track for an actual race, and the game includes 34 different authentic race tracks from the NASCAR series that you can tackle in single-player mode, online modes for up to 40 players, or two-player split-screen offline modes.

I love that they keep the split-screen option for these games because it’s a really great way to keep couch co-op or local competitive gaming alive.

The only downside to the game is that the Gold Edition comes with exclusive content not available in the standard edition. This includes exclusive content featuring Tony Stewart, such as having him as your in-game spotter, along with an instant Career Mode contract offer for Stewart-Haas Racing, instant unlocks for Tony Stewart’s paint schemes that he used throughout his career, in-game cash for your own custom team, and the NASCAR Heat 5 season pass that contains four DLC packs.

Anyway, NASCAR Heat 5‘s Gold Edition will launch on July 7th while the standard edition will be available three days later on July 10th.

Need more info? Feel free to hit up the official Motorsport Games website.

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