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1477460cookie-checkI, Dracula: Genesis, Twin-Stick Rogue-Like Enters Early Access On Steam
25 May 2020

I, Dracula: Genesis, Twin-Stick Rogue-Like Enters Early Access On Steam

Moregames spent the last half decade working on the game I, Dracula: Genesis, an isometric, 2.5D twin-stick rogue-like shooter. Now I know a lot of people are tired of the hideous 4-bit pixel rogue-likes has been pumping out over the last several years, but I implore you to at least give I, Dracula: Genesis a look-see because the sprite work and the dedication to the hand-crafted world is quite impressive.

The game centers around a handful of genetically modified heroes awakened from their underground chamber and sent out to cleanse the Earth of evil. After aliens, demons, and monsters have taken over, it’s up to the hunters to set things right by using more than 1,200 items spanning customizable weapons, perks, abilities, skills, consumables, and relics.

You’ll need to upgrade your hunter as you battle more than 120 different enemies across four procedurally generated worlds, occupied by 20 different bosses.

You can check out the gameplay for I, Dracula: Genesis below to see how the twin-stick rogue-like stacks up.

The art and gameplay reminds me a lot of classic shareware titles from the 1990s, such as Halloween Harry or Hugo’s House of Horrors: Nightmare 3D.

In fact, there’s a loving homage to the old id Tech originals in I, Dracula: Genesis where you get to run around in first-person blasting down enemies and blowing up everything in your path.

The Steam Early Access version of the game comes with four playable hunters, but the full version will include ten hunters in total.

Out of the 20 bosses, only three are complete, but they plan on getting the rest of them up and out by the end of 2020, where they hope to graduate from Early Access.

You can learn more about the game or pick up a digital copy from over on the Steam store where it’s available for $15.99. During the first week of release it’s discounted by 15% off, so you can pick up the game for only $13.59.

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