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1557230cookie-checkDrowned Mods Re-Uploads Every Mod After Reddit Bans ModPiracy
10 March 2020

Drowned Mods Re-Uploads Every Mod After Reddit Bans ModPiracy

Back in mid-January of 2020 the Reddit administrators banned the /r/ModPiracy/ sub-reddit. Why? According to the Bethesda Softworks sub-reddit, it was due to “copyright infringement”. Well, some indefatigable gamers who refuse to let history die at the feet of insufferable Cultural Communists decided to revive and restore all the links that were killed when the /r/ModPiracy/ sub was nuked.

For those of you curious why the sub was nuked, user Rotated_text explained it in a post from back on January 17th, 2020, writing…

“If you’ve never heard of the site, I know the name sounds bad, but let me tell you what the site really did. It found modifications for games (primarily New Vegas and Skyrim) that were either blocked by hard-to-justify pricetags (Steam), or completely unjustified behavior from, high on power moderators/mod authors (GUN Network). It wasn’t hated on allot or anything either, countless well known mod authors, including the Devs of Skywind, supported this sub. Considering it had been around for nearly 5 years, and had a pretty hefty sub count, I doubt reddit had a problem with it. So when it suddenly gets banned for “copyright infringement”, it likely means all those years of brigades (mostly from GUN Network) might have just paid off.”

Well, the good folks over at /r/Drownedmods/ made a complete list of the mods from ModPiracy and made them available for download via a file.

It might be wise to download the Pastebin file as soon as possible and as quickly as possible before the Reddit administrators decide to nuke it for good.

The war on mods is absolutely going to ramp up for this upcoming generation so grab those mods as quickly as possible.

With Bethesda putting more stock into the Creation Club and Take-Two Interactive literally sending lawyers after Red Dead Redemption 2 modders, you can bet your bottom dollar that things will only get worse from here on.

Also don’t be surprised if more modding sub-reddits get nuked as well as the pro-corporate Left-wing oxymoron Communists continue to consolidate and crackdown on anyone who doesn’t bend the knee to their paradoxical and contradictory rules.

(Thanks for the news tip KotakuInAction2)

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