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1 November 2019

Azur Lane Crosswave Heads To Steam In Early 2020

Idea Factory International announced that Azur Lane Crosswave, the fan-service heavy third-person shooter game that originally launced on the very censorship heavy PS4, will be making its way to Steam in early 2020.

RPG Site picked up the news from a tweet made by the official Idea Factory International account, which made the news public on October 31st, 2019.

Given Steam’s inconsistent bans of anime-style games, it’s nice to know that Idea Factory managed to get the fan-service heavy third-person shooter approved for launch on Valve’s “taste police” driven service.

The highlight is that this means the game will be subject to plenty of juicy and deliciously delectable mods from very open-ended and unrestricted modders. And we all know what that means… right?

The Steam release will also come equipped with Chinese and Japanese subtitles, along with English support.

As noted by RPG Site, there’s also going to be a limited edition available directly from IFI and Limited Run Games for the PS4 that comes with a steel game case, a collector’s box, a hardcover art book, a Shinakaze figure, a Sakura Empire standee, an enamel pin set, and the official soundtrack.

The limited edition won’t be made available until 2020, but the game is currently available right now in Japan courtesy of Compile Heart.

I’m curious if the Western release on the PS4 will undergo any sort of censorship, or if it will be the same as the Japanese release. In any case, you can expect the PC version to at least benefit from modding support, assuming Valve doesn’t pull any last minute shenanigans and prevent it from releasing like they did with Taimanin Asagi.

(Thanks for the news tip MaverickHL and Richard Gristle)

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