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30 August 2019

Man Of Medan Gameplay Walkthrough And Choices

Supermassive Games’ latest interactive, choose-your-own-adventure movie game has launched for Xbox One and PS4. Man of Medan is the first entry in a series of horror tales part of a brand new anthology being published by Bandai Namco. For gamers who picked up a copy of the game, there are some walkthroughs available to help you make the right choices and attain the best ending.

The first walkthrough comes courtesy of Boss Fight Database. The walkthrough clocks in at just under four hours. You can check it out below.

At the start of the game you have the option of the Theatrical Cut or the Curator’s Cut. However, you have to play through the Theatrical Cut first before you can unlock the Curator’s Cut.

The game starts back during the end of World War II with soldiers loading caskets onto a boat.

After a quick cinematic you’ll be able to to choose whether you’re curious or dubious about the future.

You’ll then have the option to choose a tile on the table.

Man of Medan - Fortune

Depending on your choices will determine what traits develop for the character.

After that sequence you then go through a short training sequence where you have to quick-time through a boxing mini-game.

After another cinematic, you’ll take on the role of Joe.

You can examine the photo on the desk – walk over to the locker and open it up.

A dead body and a key will fall out. Take the key using the right trigger on the PS4’s DualShock or Xbox One controller.

Use the key to unlock the padlock and exit the sick bay.

Man of Medan - The Brig

Make your way down the hall and to the brig. Get Charlie out of the brig.

There’s another quick-time event where you have to press the ‘X’ button on the DualShock or the ‘A’ button on the Xbox controller in sync with the heartbeat rhythms.

Follow Charlie down the hall and toward the locks. The door is locked but there’s another door that’s suck and you’ll need to rapidly tap the ‘X’ button to open the door.

Keep following Charlie through the corridors – you can also walk faster by pressing the left bumper on the DualShock or the Xbox controller.

Joe and the rest of the crew will eventually die.

Man of Medan - The Curator

After the Curator explains how the system works, you’ll meet Brad and Alex, two brothers.

You’ll play as Brad first, given various choices that will affect his relationships with Alex, Conrad and Julia.

If you choose to be emphatic with Alex you’ll increase Brad and Alex’s relationship.

If you choose to drink beer with Conrad you’ll increase your relationship with Conrad. Additionally, you can lie about diving all the time or be honest about not diving.

Fliss will eventually come on board and you’ll have a few conversations between her and Alex. You can choose to challenge her suggestions, which will lower the relationship between Alex and Fliss, or you can react accordingly to raise your relationship with her at the expense of the dive.

Man of Medan - Captain Issues

If you agree with Julia about Fliss then you’ll raise your relationship status with her.

You can head down below deck and talk to Brad, who is still reeling from having drunk all that beer with Conrad. You can either be reassuring or stern, which will raise or lower your relationship with him.

You can also examine a crashed ship painting on the wall in the kitchen area – the painting will reveal a brief premonition.

You’ll need to take the items on the side of the boat and you can either be playful or romantic with Julia to raise your relationship with her. Be sure to take the bangstick.

You’ll then take control of Fliss. You can either be nice or stern to Conrad, who will make several proposals, including drinks and a potential loan. If you’re nice to Conrad the relationship meter will go up.

As Fliss you can head down below deck and talk to Brad – you can either be stern or you can be inquisitive with Brad to find out how he discovered the wrecks.

After talking with Brad there’s a fisherman boat that runs into the diving buoy and will have a tussle with Fliss and Conrad.

Before they arrive, Fliss can express worry or confidence. You can also choose to be angry or informative with the fishermen.


The game will switch back to Alex and Julia. There’s a premonition painting just before you enter into the tube.

Additionally, there’s a rescue manifest inside of a tight tube, you can either choose to ignore it and heed Alex’s warning or go inside the tube and grab the manifest.

If you choose to go inside and get the manifest, the relationship meter between Alex and Julia will decrease but you will gain more information about the rescue operation.

Make your way into the cabin and examine the dead soldier using the bangstick.

After the plane falls apart and they head up top, Alex will be anxious – you can raise your relationship with Alex by teasing him about his anxiousness.

On the way up top, Alex will want to decompress.

Julia will be reckless and want to surface after there’s an explosion on the boat. However, the explosion is just Conrad messing with Fliss’ barbecue grill.

If you don’t decompress then later on Julia will suffer from decompression sickness and die.

Man of Medan - Best Thing That Ever Happened

After the intermission Julia and Alex will have a brief exchange on the boat, alone. If you’re reassuring and loving woard Alex it will raise their relationship.

If Fliss and Conrad flirted earlier they will be kissing down below deck.

You can either joke about them kissing or be mischievous.

After that Fliss reproaches the group for having messed with the wreckage.

You can choose to be apologetic or dismissive. Being dismissive will lower your relationship with Fliss.

Brad will then tell a ghost story; if you’re supportive of the story and encouraging of the story, it will raise Julia’s relationship with Brad.

Man of Medan - Taped and Bound

There’s a short sequence where Conrad will fight with the fisherman; after that you’ll choose to ungag and untie those in the room.

The fishermen will beat up Conrad and threaten him; if you’re flippant and angry they will continue to beat up and damage Conrad. If you’re compliant they will be nicer to him.

When Conrad is returned to the room you can express concern for Brad when Alex’s ask about him to increase their relationship.

As Conrad you can either suggest to sneak around the boat or rush the fishermen. If you sneak onto the boat you have to perform the quick-time events correctly or else Conrad will get shot and will bleed out and die at sea. If you’re successful in the quick-time event then Conrad will flee on the boat to seek help.

Alternatively, if you rush the fisherman you can fight against the fishermen.

Man of Medan - The Fishermen

The fishermen will force Fliss to radio in about the storm. You can either choose to ask for help or be compliant; if you’re compliant then the fishermen won’t harm Fliss and the others.

During the storm you can either choose to hold on while the storm rocks the boat or you can choose to help the others – if you help the others then Fliss’ relationship status will increase.

You’ll take control of Fliss and walk around the ship – you can attempt to look at a ship’s log on the railing but Danny will knock it out of Fliss’ hands.

Make your way through the crew quarters and through the hallways.

Man of Medan - Conrad Bled Out

On one of the crates – in the part where the rat runs by – you can examine an internal memorandum.

As Fliss you can examine some of the objects in the room after the fishermen lock the kids inside the cabin.

There are a pair of glasses on the table along with a letter from Miller X that you can read.

Go talk to Alex and then go move the desk over to the side using the right trigger.

Man of Medan - Manchurian Gold

There’s a vent that leads out of the room.

You can also eavesdrop on the pirates before going back to Alex.

They will need a distraction – you can either create a distraction by yelling or you can barricade the door. Creating a distraction will allow Alex to break the vent and create an escape.

You can either hide or replace the vent opening with the desk – it’s best to replace it so that Junior doesn’t see you.

The game then switches over to Alex in the upper deck.

You can examine the rooms in the hall before heading through the open door across the railing.

Proceed through the crew quarters and you can examine a small skeleton piece on the card table, which results in a jump-scare moment.

There’s also a diary on the bed you can read.

Just past the bunks there’s another premonition painting called “In The Offing”. You’ll find it on a shelf to the right of a single locker.


Exit the bunk area and head back onto the railing and another cinematic will play where Olson will place the distributor cap for the Duke on a crate.

Fliss will say that she’s going to go get the distributor cap – you can either say nothing, encourage her, or discourage her. If you tell her to get it the relationship status will go down between Alex and Fliss.

You can either hide or warn Brad that someone is coming if Fliss does decide to go down to get the distributor cap.

Even if you warn Brad, Fliss will still get caught.

If you choose to distract Danny, he will still find Brad.

Make your way through the kitchen and into the mess hall and you’ll find another premonition painting called “Cut of your Jib”.

There’s a knife in the kitchen you can take.

Further to the left of the mess hall you’ll find another diary on the table.

Exit the room and head into the chapel with the caskets. Examine the caskets and their names. If you ask Julia if they were even human it will raise Alex and Julia’s relationship.

Proceed to exit the chapel, and enter into the next sleeping quarters for the crew. Examine the body on the bed. Exit into the infirmary.

Man of Medan - Bunk Mates

There’s a body on the surgical table along with a surgeon in the corner.

When you exit the infirmary the game will switch back to Fliss and Brad.

In the room where Danny knocks over the cap, you can examine the cap to add it to your collectibles.

Examine the corpse in the next room to add it to the collection as well.

There’s also a painting on the wall around the corner of the long corridor, the premonition is called “Close Quarters”.

When you’re done examining the painting head down the next corridor, barge through the door and examine the room on the other side of the air vent.

Head down into the cargo hold, examine Charlie’s body and then exit the room when you’re ready. The game will switch over to Brad.

Man of Medan - We Gotta Get Out

Brad’s sequence is a loop.

Keep going through the rooms and examining the bullet in the body until you get to a sequence where there is no body, just a puddle of blood.

Alex’s decayed body, with part of the face and skull missing, will fall from above and attack Brad. Quickly be ready to press Square on the Dualshock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller when he reaches for you.

In the next sequence walk through the hall and examine the note by the dead body.

In the next area you’ll get caught by some zombie soldiers – you’ll need to quick-time your way out of the horde and then choose to save yourself or save Brad. If you choose to save Brad then Fliss will manage to pull him free from the zombies, and then Brad will turn into a zombie before Fliss arrives in a ballroom located within the lower deck.

Examine the sigil on the ground with the skulls; examine the book of sigils on the table and the cabinet next to it.

Walk up on the stage and head in the back to examine the premonition painting, “Keelhaul”. There’s also a lever that raises the curtains to a bloody casket.

Man of Medan - Hooded Figure

Fliss will run from the hooded figure and the game will switch back to Julia and Alex.

There are two Alexes who wil fight in the water – if you tell Alex to stop drowning himself it will raise Alex and Julia’s relationship.

While running, you can choose to either keep running or jump over the boxes. If you choose to jump over the boxes you can then fight back to waylay monster Alex. If you successfully defeat monster Alex, they will lock the door.

Man of Medan - Unnecessary Tragedy

If you had the Kitchen knife from earlier you can use it on monster Alex.

After an intermission – where you can choose to get a hint or not – a conversation takes place between the survivors.

You can choose to inquire about what happened to the soldiers and how the ship is a ghost ship.

Just outside the room there’s a shell casing you can examine, wherein Alex deduces that the gunners fired on the wrecked rescue ship that they found earlier.

Inside a crate near one of the covered lifeboats you’ll find a man with a gas mask on – examine the instructions for the gas mask to unlock a collectible and further piece together what happened on the ship and to the rescue plane.

Make your way around the upper balustrade and force your way into the navigation deck.

There’s a premonition painting on the wall.

Man of Medan - Monster Twins

Examine the map on the wall at the back of the room and the navigator’s notes on the table.

Head into the radio room and examine the radio operator’s note.

Interact with the radio and turn the dial over to the military frequency just past the weather station.

The radio will ask for your coordinates; You can give the coordinates to the radio receiver and anxiously explain where the ship is.

Brad will suggest going down the hole to find and fix the power to the radio room.

As Alex you can either encourage him or tell him to wait by the radio. If you tell him to wait by the radio the relationship between Brad and Alex will go down. Meanwhile, Alex and Julia will go down into the hole.

Head into the office and examine the requisition for Charlie’s brig sentence, and the letter inside of the vault on the far side of the room.

There’s also a letter on the desk, referencing Joe being taken to the sick bay.

Exit the office, proceed into the next room, examine the letter and the body on the floor, along with the picture of the boy on the desk.

Exit the room, head down to the engine room, flip the power switch, and the radio will come back on, allowing them to radio for help.

Alex and Julia will encounter the rebreather – you can choose to take it or leave it.

Man of Medan - The Mist

You can either choose to run or wait for Olson to finish his tirade when he begins to chase Alex and Julia. If you wait and do the heartbeat mini-game Olson will eventually turn away.

Junior will waylay Alex and Julia and ask him about the mist. You can then convince him that the rebreather can be used to extract the mist.

Junior can then be convinced to shoot himself, allowing Julia and Alex to escape.

The game will then switch back to Brad, and he’ll hop down into the hole and you’ll need to navigate through the bunks toward the locker where there’s a note.

Brad will encounter a crazed Olson.

You can choose to either reason with him or attack him – if you don’t attack Olson he will hammer the bulkhead doors and flood the cargo hold.

During the ensuing fight tell Julia to activate the lever and complete the quick-time event, which will result in Olson being cut in half by the rusty doors.

The remaining survivors will escape in the Duke while the credits roll. If you managed to successfully send out an S.O.S., the military arrive on the boat in a post-credit scene.

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