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5 June 2019

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Woke Clip Sees Mystique Lecturing Charles About X-Women

X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7th, and just ahead of its launch a new trailer clip was released featuring Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique lecturing Charles Xavier about how the women have to save the men and how they should rename it to the X-Women.

The dialogue comes across as forced and needlessly inflammatory. The clip was posted up on June 3rd, 2019 over on the Entertainment Access YouTube channel, and obviously potential moviegoers were not pleased.

The statement that really brought out the cringe and the downvotes is when Raven states…

“The women are always saving the men around here, you may want to think about changing the name to X-Women”

This particular scene was derided widely by the YouTube community. Anyone with common sense knows just how disconnected Raven’s comments are to the lore of the series up to this point, where Xavier has lost his hair and his ability to walk in an effort to save mutants.

Society Reviews penned an op-ed, clearly vexed over director Simon Kinberg letting the scene slip past the editing room like Hulk Hogan mistakenly let Nick slip past the condom.

Even Left-wing websites like IndieWire took a potshot at the scene above, writing in their scathing reivew….

“Instead of reckoning with the latent misogyny of Charles’ actions, Kinberg shoehorns in a cringe-tacular scene where Raven (once again played by an unapologetically bored Jennifer Lawrence) snaps at the unappreciative professor that he should consider calling them “X-Women.” Even though the entire climax of “Dark Phoenix” was reshot to avoid similarities with “Captain Marvel,” the two movies are still bound together by their shared insistence that girl power can be productively expressed through a series of empty postures. “My emotions make me strong!,” Jean declares, but dialogue like that doesn’t resonate when it’s spoken by a character who’s solely defined by her superpowers. What emotions is she talking about? We can only guess.”

That one scene above was already cringe-worthy enough, but IndieWire drawing parallels with Captain Flat-Butt is scarier yet.

I figured X-Men had already jumped the shark with Apocalypse but it looks like Fox is trying one last attempt to cash in on the shaky franchise before Disney likely turns it into a movie trilogy about feminist empowerment… which isn’t too dissimilar to what the franchise already turned into.

(Thanks for the news tip KIA2)

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