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20 June 2019

Ark Survival Guide: How To Get The Deinonychus And Find The Ice Wyvern Eggs

Studio Wildcard has released the latest expansion for ARK: Survival dubbed Valguero, which adds new creatures and locations to discover. As of now, PC players have access to this update (PS4 and Xbox One coming soon). However, if you are looking to get the new Deinonychus or find the Ice Wyvern and its eggs, this guide aims to help you.

First up, if you are looking to tame the Deinonychus do know that it’s a territorial creature. It will protect its nest(s) against anyone that dares to enter its space.

As for discerning the Deinonychus, it has a similar appearance to both the Raptor and the feathered Rock Drake. But, it also possesses razor-sharp claws for climbing and attacking other players and creatures.

You can own a Deinonychus by stealing an egg, which is stationed at the bottom right-hand corner of the map at 92-latitude and 88-longitude. A video by YouTuber ThickFreedom shows all there is to know about the new creature:

The Ice Wyvern isn’t a new creature and has appeared in the Ragnarok expansion. These things can be found in the top east corner at 07-latitude and 79-longitude.

The eggs are in coves in the wall where snow covers most of the area. However, Ice Wyverns will be there and will more than likely disrupt your egg hunt run so tread carefully.

Anyway, YouTuber has a video guide showing where to find and how to get the Ice Wyvern eggs:

As for both creatures, all you need is the eggs. Incubate them, and wait for the respective time for them to hatch and you’ll be the proud owner of either (or both) the Deinonychus and the Ice Wyvern.

As for feeding the Deinonychus, it prefers regular kibble, cooked meat jerky, medium eggs, fiber, long grass, savoroot, water, and raw mutton. As for the baby Ice Wyvern, it should be fed Wyvern milk (Obtained from Alpha Wyverns and Female Wyverns) until fully mature, in which it can be fed meat.

Lastly, Ark: Survival Evolved – Valguero is out now for PC via Steam. The home console version (PS4 and Xbox One) will ship at a later date.

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