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31 May 2019

Layers Of Fear 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Blooper Team has continued to carve out a space within the horror genre that’s all their own. They have managed to wreak horror in the hearts of many, and staple their trademark creativity for terror within the minds of all those who dared step foot into their digital palisade of paranoia with the original Layers of Fear. They’re back at it again with the help of Gun Media, having released Layers of Fear 2 on the PS4, Xbox One, and on Steam for PC. For gamers in need of a little help with the newly released horror game, there is a walkthrough available.

YouTuber MKIceandFire rolled out a full playthrough of the game from start to finish, with the running time clocking in at just under four hours. You can check out the Layers of Fear 2 walkthrough below, offering a few hints and tips on what to do and where to go during some of those more puzzling moments.

At the start of the game after, once the loading is done, you’ll appear in a corridor of a leaky cruise.

You’ll be able to move with the left analog, look around with the right analog stick. You can open doors using the right trigger.

Make your way down the hall into the theater room after opening the door and then a short cinematic will play. Press ‘X’ on the Xbox controller or Square on the PS4 Dualshock to interact with objects. You can stop interacting with objects by pressing ‘B’ on the Xbox One controller or Circle on the DualShock 4.

The Unmooring

After the cinematic the first chapter will commence. You’ll appear in a lavish cabin where a voiceover will inform the main character that time waits for no one.

There are a couple of interactive elements in the room, including a telegram on the desk that you can read.

A gramophone is next to the bed. You can wind it up, as well as interact with the handles in the bathroom.

Head upstairs and go around the balcony into the theater room.

Interact with the film and activate the projector.

When the video gets done, go over to the makeup desk and read the note.

Exit the room and read the note on the service tray. It will inform you that parts of the ship are closed off to guest and crew.

Head around the hallway and there’s a mirror on the desk. Pick it up and look at it.

Make your way into the floral dining room. There’s a small puppet on the table and a recommendation to “build a character”.

Layers of Fear 2 - Build A Character

Proceed out of the door around the balcony to the service door. Turn the top handle north and the bottom handle south. Enter the door, read the brochure on the table, open the elevator, go inside, and head down to the lower decks.

Examine the whistle.

The door at the end of the left side of the room will be open. Head down the hall and one of the rooms on the right side of the hallway will open. Go over to the desk and read the newspaper clipping.

Go into the room across the hall and read the crew memo about stowaways making their way aboard the cruise vessel.

You can turn on the fan at the desk and take the keys.

Head into the maintenance area and then crouch under the leaky pipes and proceed into the next area.

Examine the cane in the holder and then head down the hall and open the toolbox. Go into the radio room and look at the headset.

The lights will go out.

Exit the room and head down the hall into the room just before the closed gate on the right of the hall. Enter into the next corridor.

Another door will open further down the hall, but go into the room nearest to you on the right, and there’s another newspaper clipping. Examine it. Go into the bathroom and examine another newspaper clipping. Go into the bedroom in the back and open the top drawer. Examine the photo and then exit the room.

You can then go into the room with the mysteriously open door. There’s a bottle that rolls out but nothing else happens. You can exit the room, make your way down the hall and into the smoking lounge.

There’s a photo album on a desk with some books. Examine the photo album.

Layers of Fear 2 - Photo Album

There’s another set of photos you can examine before heading into the next area. There’s a broken mask on a desk. Look at the mask and then move on to the next room.

There’s another note you can read and a globe in a dark room. Attempt to exit the different doors until the globe rolls off the stage. Exit the room, make your way through the hall, check the notes and the pictures, and then examine the eye patch in the bird cage.

After examining the eye patch the ceiling will fall in and reveal the code to the lock on the gate to get to the next segment. The code is: 450

There’s a back with a compass on it. Examine the bag and then you’ll need to solve a puzzle by putting the chair in the white spot on the spinning diorama.

Activate the lever to spin the diorama and then get it to stop under where the chair is located. Go into the opposite room and press the red button to see where the chair comes down. Use the lever next to the button to slowly move the diorama around until the white space is directly underneath the chair. When it’s properly aligned then press the red button to lower the chair onto the diorama.

Make your way down the hall to the area with the white lines on the floor. Follow the lines to the door that leads you into the room where there’s a box of cigarettes. Examine the cigarettes and then go into the next room where there’s an ‘X’. The ‘X’ will lead you to a drawer with some pills inside. Examine the pills.

Exit the room and go down the hall, following the lines until you reach the matte black spyglass on the counter.

Go into the room to your left and examine the crew note and then make your way back down the hall to the door that takes you to the stage with the pirate boat.

Layers of Fear 2 - Pirate Boat

Go to the aft of the boat and interact with helm and then after the screen fades back in, you can go below deck where there’s a pirate hat to interact with.

Follow the white line to the ‘X’ with a key on it and then head back up above deck. There’s another set of lines for you to follow to the bell. Ring the bell to make the blinding sun go away.

Leave the boat and head off the stage to your left, it will lead you to a door that allows you to access a new area.

Read the card on the table and then interact with the blackboard, which has a message that reads “Be ready to go back”.

Head back out of the room from whence you came and follow the pathway to the editing room. Flip the lever to light the scene and then exit the room to your right and go around through the set into the next area.

Flip the switch and then run across the hall to avoid the spotlight using the left bumper to run.
Go into the next room and check the note on the desk with the safe codes on it and then examine the paperback.

Make your way through the hall and the underground mine cavern until you end up on the set with the bank vault.

Wind up the vault and then open the safe with 10 right, 80 left, and 40 right.

Layers of Fear 2 - Safe Code

There’s a broken seashell inside.

After the audio clip plays, proceed through the next area into the room with the note about Mr Hardy, and the photographs on the desk. Examine the note and the photograph inside the desk before moving to the small theater.

Past the theater you can go behind the screen and through the backstage area. There’s another photograph on the ground you can examine.

Look through the peep hole to see the mannequin get crushed by the chair and then look at the marquee poster before continuing down the hall.

There’s another photograph in the desk after you head into the backstage dressing room area.

You’ll need a key to get into the next room. Flip the switch to lower the key and set the mannequin on fire. Take the key and open the door into the next area. To your right there’s a hole in the wall. Take the bullet and then you’ll need to shoot one of the mannequins sitting in the chair.

You’ll have the choice of shooting the left or right one. The voiceover will indicate you’ll need to shoot the one on the “Right”.

A door will open and lead you into the next area, which will then take you into the storage area. Follow the flashing projector light through the halls. Most of the doors are locked, but if you keep following the light it will take you to the doors that aren’t locked.

Layers of Fear 2 - Mannequin and the Fan

The next part can be tricky. You’ll need to follow the light until you reach a part in the hall where a mannequin will tip over a shelf and then you’ll need to turn around and go back the way you came and then you’ll need to follow the light to a fan aimed at a mannequin. Turn on the fan and then go back the way you came until you see a mannequin, and then turn around and go back to the mannequin and turn off the fan and then a new pathway will open up.

Follow the path into the white room where a cinematic will play.

Make your way out of the room to the ship map, which will show you what’s safe and what’s not. Head down the steps into the lower decks and open the drawer. Read the note inside the drawer.

Keep moving along the linear pathway through the service area.

There’s another note and a flashlight. Examine both and then proceed through the door into the hull stores.

A lever is located on the back of a pillar.

Go into the hall and a mannequin will turn into a monster. Run back the other way and keep running until you reach the hammer.

Keep running and don’t stop until you can safely close the doors behind you. Pick up the film reel at the end of the hall after you’re told to close the door.

You’ll end back up in the cabin area, and then black out and end back up in your oom.

The items you collected throughout the run will appear in your room, including the photographs you acquired.

Act II: The Hunt

You can listen to the gramophone message before exiting the room.

Go back into the film room and take the film out of the case and place it onto the reel.

When the film finishes there’s a note on the dressing room mirror, read it.

A half-burned photograph is located just outside the film room, examine it.

Proceed down the hall into the photographer’s room and examine the camera.

Layers of Fear 2 - The Camera

When you exit the room and proceed down the hall through the open door, the monster will start chasing you again. Run toward the elevator and fall down the shaft.

Flip the lever to “standby”.

Go into the power room and plug the connector into the outlet on the right side of the wall and then make your way into the engine room after you flip the lever.

Head up to the second second floor of the engine room and crank the valve to turn off the steam that’s blocking your pathway.

Travel through the door where the food and parts are floating in the air and keep following the linear path until you encounter a piece of food in the air that dissolves when you touch it and flies come out.

The door will open and take you into the next area where the monster will pop out again. You’ll need to hide in one of the rooms, close the door, lock the door shut, and wait for the monster to leave.

When it’s safe, proceed to exit the room and go down the hall to the room with the chairs and the projector.

You’ll need to align the projector so that it shows a door in the background, which will make the door appear. Then you’ll need to align the projector so that the knob appears. And finally, align the projector so that there are keys on the wall. This will make a key appear on the stool by the door at the end of the room.

Layers of Fear 2 - Keys on the Wall

Take the key, go through the door into the next room and there’s a mannequin on the bed.

Go into the next room and examine the note, then proceed into the next room and a crazy mannequin will have a seizure. Exit the room and go down the hall, following the sounds of the little boy knocking his feet against the cupboard.

Examine the compass, exit the room, go down into the well, make your way down the corridors into the gear room. You’ll need to align the gears so that they’re symmetrical. Make sure the gears look the way they do in the image below to solve the gear puzzle.

Layers of Fear 2 - Gear Puzzle

Exit the gear room, go back upstairs, head to the clock and you’ll need to input the numbers in the following sequence: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 1, 5

Head to the elevator with the animatronic mannequins.

Make your way through the area up to the room where the mannequin catches fire. When the voiceover gets done talking, head back down to the elevator and press the button to go back upstairs with the animatrons.

The door to the mouth will open and you’ll need to go through the open mouth back to the engine room.

Follow the pathway through the service tunnels and make your way back upstairs through the crew quarters. When you go to the gate there will be a mouse. When the mouse runs away go back to the door and attempt to open it, and then go back to the gate, and then when you turn around the scene will change.

Head down the steps and examine the rotten, eaten apple.

Proceed through the stables and then interact with the box in the middle of the room where a rotted, maggot-filled meat will be revealed.

Examine the maggot-filled meat and then go behind the stable to the stable keeper drawer and examine the note. Then make your way up the ladders.

There’s another service note you can read and another ladder behind the room where the service note is located that will lead you upstairs.

Keep going up until you reach the cages then press the button at the back of the wall.

Go through the door and then go left. DO NOT approach the mannequin.

Press the lever on the wall and then keep going.

Things will get a little weird here (as if they haven’t already) and you’ll need to examine the liquor bottle to proceed. Go back to the lever on the wall and flip it before heading up the ladder.

Read the note and then walk through the room with the fireplace and head down the steps.

Follow the floating items to the burning picture and then race up the steps to the speed control. Put it on full. Then stop the boat and go into the next room.

Climb down the ladders and examine the open, rotted can of tuna.

Layers of Fear 2 - Rotted Tuna

When you get to the next part, the monster will go on the hunt for you… again.

Run down the halls, past the smoke, under the fire, and through the door until you reach the theater. You’ll need to slowly modify the projector until a small black square appears on the screen.

Go over to the black box and lift up the grate. Go through the opening into the next area.

Make your way through the refuse and take the gutted rat from the scale. Proceed into the next room and place the dead rat on the scale.

Layers of Fear 2 - Take it or Give it Up

In the next segment you’ll either have to take or leave the steak from the dog.

You’ll have the choice to keep fighting with the dog and take the meat, or give up and let the dog have the food.

Head down the hall until you see the boy – follow the boy and then go into the room and examine the poster and the crew note on the chest.

Exit the room and go examine the empty can of food.

Go into the treasure room with the golden chalice, or holy grail, at the top of the pile.

When you reach the chalice all the treasure will turn into a pile of dead fish.

Exit the room and head down the hall until you reach the throttle controls. Put it on full speed and then examine the desk to look at the note for the requisition of the officer.

Go down the steps and examine the broken pottery.

This next segment can be tricky. You’ll need to wait for the gust of flaming wind to pass by.

Wait for it to subside then go and hide behind the box. Rinse and repeat this method as you make your way through the corridor and past the film set.

Go into the room with the with the blackboard that has “It’s like I…” on it. Crank the winch and then go through the golden door into the next area.

Go up the ladder and outside. You’ll need to traverse the walkway until you reach a button. You’ll need to press the button and move with the flame shield across the beam of light. Don’t worry, you won’t fall so long as you move adjacent to the metal plate.

Once across, proceed through the walkway until you enter into a room. Take the live wire and pick it up and place it into the tub to electrify the man. This will open the door into the next area. From here, run from the monster until you reach the door, which will transport you into a treasure room. This will end Act II.

Layers of Fear 2 - Fears and Dreams

Act III: Bloody Roots

After you appear back in your room, go upstairs and watch the next film that you acquired from the treasure chest.

Watch the film and then drop down into the hatch within the theater room.

Follow the path until you end up in a room made askew.

The doors are all locked, but there’s a white line on the ground telling you to go down the stairs.

Go over to the table and read the note about the pirate film after you take the keys.

There’s another picture inside the drawer behind the ghoulish stew.

Exit the room and go into the next area where there’s a rotten brain on a decapitated straw man.

Proceed through the door on the left and examine the severed arm on the rock slab after witnessing the theatrics from the straw man.

Go into the room on the right and examine the mechanical heart.

Take the heart, the arm, and the brain back to the stew and place them inside. From there, the center door will open and you’ll be able to make your way into the balcony of the theater.

Layers of Fear 2 - Wizard of Oz

Examine the note on the floor after you take the bedroom key. Ahead down into the bedroom when you get back into the house and examine the mouth piece on the painting.

Go over to the drawer and take the photograph inside.

Step up on the bed and place the mouth piece of the painting on the mannequin on the wall.

Take the pendant on the bust when she says “Find it, bring it back!” and then take the ace from the deck of cards. , Then go over to the statue and place the mouth on the statue. Examine the kid painting by the two men and place the ace in the hand of the two mannequins playing cards.

Proceed to place the mouth piece on the wall to hear the soliloquy of Jimmy.

Take the keys and open the air vent. Head through the vent until you end back up in the house.

Make your way downstairs and then examine the old camera.

Avoid being burned by the fire coming through the window.

There’s also a note on the table you can read.

Head downstairs into the basement and examine the mannequin head in the corner. Unscrew the head and take it with you. Open the chest and place the severed mannequin head in the chest.

Take the next head located in the dark corner and then place that head into the chest.

Make your way through the dark place until you reach the third mannequin. Unscrew the head and then head back to the chest.

There’s one more head located through the darkness. Take the fourth head and place it in the chest, and then a short cinematic will play.

Layers of Fear 2 - A Wondrous Voyage

Open the chest and examine the poster inside, and then proceed to exit the room.

The room will lead you back to the projector room, and then you’ll end up in a room where you’ll need to go up the contraption and then you’ll need to fire at Lilly on the plank to make her walk off the edge.

After she falls go down to examine her and she’ll wake up. Exit the room and head back through the vents after you pick up the pirate hat.

You’ll end up in another room where you can examine some pictures, and acquire some plate pieces around the room for a mock rocket ship. You’ll also find a photo graph under the desk slide along with the third piece of the rocket ship.

Plug the cable into the wall and then flip the switch to fly up in the ship.

Layers of Fear 2 - Lilly Walks The Plank

You’ll need to steer the ship and dodge the objects while Lilly talks.

After the segment ends you’ll gain a key to access the bathroom.

Examine the water globe with the dead tree inside and then make your way to the bathroom.

Walk through the projection and you’ll end up inside another hallway. Look through the keyhole and there’s a potted plant. The objective is to get the plant to grow using the water faucet and the fan.

The objective is to get the plant to grow up and reach the top of the shadow.

Turn on the faucet or turn off the faucet and then turn on the fan and then interact with the plant until it grows. Keep alternating between turning on the faucets, the fan, and the music box and interacting with the plant until it reaches the top of the shadow.

When you exit the room go through the door that leads you into the hedge garden maze.

The objective is to avoid being burned by the one-eyed monster.

When you get to the part of the maze with the benches, run back to the end of the area and hide in the corner where the sound goes away. Wait for the flames to pass by and then run out and down the edge of the maze.

Layers of Fear 2 - Hedge Garden Fire

Proceed into the next area where the fire is moving back and forth through the hedge garden. Wait for it to reach the end and then run into the next area.

The next part can be tricky, because you’ll have to quickly run up and hide behind one of the areas while the flames pass by.

When they finish moving past you, quickly run out and go through the closing garden walls until you reach the end. In the next room you’ll find an audio sample in the drawer. Take it.

Exit the room, go into the air vent, take the film reel and this will end the act.

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