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849581cookie-checkGillette Keeps The Woke Train Running With New Ad, But Seem Too Afraid To Put It On YouTube
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26 May 2019

Gillette Keeps The Woke Train Running With New Ad, But Seem Too Afraid To Put It On YouTube

Gillette drunk the Kool-Aid and went deep diving into the dumpster of misandry. They let their colors fly loose back in January when they rolled out an anti-white, anti-man ad for their shave products, which was put together by a feminist production team. The video was rightfully downvoted into oblivion. Gillette, not content in having learned their lesson in getting woke, decided to try it again… only this time they avoided uploading the video to YouTube and instead kept it contained over on Facebook.

ZeroHedge spotted the ad that was uploaded to Gillette’s Facebook page on May 23rd, 2019.

The video is titled “First Shave, the story of Samson”. It features a female-to-male transgender shaving for the first time.

The comment section is filled with virtue signaling from the usual suspects. However, there’s also comment from the ad’s star, Samson, who wrote…

“ Thank you so much Gillette for allowing me to share such an important moment in a man’s life with my father.


“I look forward to the great things you’re going to continue doing to encourage us all to be our best selves.


“Love y’all greatly!”

Gillette responded in the comment with their own self-congratulatory back-pat for featuring Samson in their video, writing…

“Thank you for sharing your story, Samson! We’re honored to showcase this special moment between you and your father and are proud to have you as a partner. Thank you for your courage and confidence in sharing your journey to becoming your best self!”

Yet funnily enough Gillette didn’t seem at all confident enough to share the video on their YouTube channel.

If you take a gander at Gillette’s YouTube page and check out the most recent videos on their account, the last upload was from back on April 19th, 2019.


Samson’s ad is no where to be seen.

It’s almost like they were too afraid to upload it in fear of what the public backlash might be like.

Keeping it contained to Facebook means they don’t have to contend with the like/dislike ratio count, and they can adequately filter out all of the “problematic” comments they don’t want on their feed. It’s a tightly contained way to promote a very specific kind of agenda, and something that even didn’t think would go over well with the general public, writing…

“To put a new twist on the rather bland insight, Gillette cast a transgender male and their father. So while you do have the usual “beaming proud father” in the background, and the quiet moment of teaching the first shave mnemonic mantra, this is neither groundbreaking nor particularly touching. Gillette seems to hope this one is because of the transgender twist, but I doubt that is the reaction they will get. Like their “Toxic masculinity” advert, this may rub people the wrong way. While some loved that ad, others wondered what Gillette actually planned on doing to work against toxic masculinity, seeing the ads message as a thin veneer on nothing.”

The reason it likely won’t work is because this is all part of the Regressive Left’s push to normalize their propaganda on young people and kids. This has been a growing trend from the likes of these propagandists, and anyone who speaks up about it or criticizes it are publicly flogged, demonetized, de-platformed, or smeared until they’re either out of the public square or whipped into submission so that they convert to the degenerate religion of the Intersectional Inquisition.


The Overton Window is chiefly and strictly Left of Center at this point.

Dare step out of line and watch as you get dragged through the mud by the social media Schutzstaffel operating under the Rainbow Reich.

But thankfully there are still those who are willing to speak up about the propaganda that has been an unabashed attack on all things normal.

YouTubers like HighImpactFlix have been putting in the work and the time to expose the SJW agenda. For instance, they highlighted that in Gillette’s original anti-male, anti-white, misandrist ad they originally had a clip in there featuring a black man pretending to be a rapper opening his hands wide and grabbing the full breadth of two women’s booties in a music video clip that was axed in the final ad. You can see the segment that was excised from Gillette’s promo piece with the video below.

The comment section on the video is filled with red pilled users who rightly point out that Gillette’s ad wasn’t just about being anti-male but also anti-white.

Including the clip of the black rapper grabbing on the bikini clad women would paint black men in the same kind of negative light as the white men in the video, and obviously Gillette had a very specific divide and conquer tactic to employ with the ad, so they axed that segment.

Heck, even their agendas for their propaganda has agendas.

Anyway, it’s quite obvious that Gillette has no intentions at all of turning away from being woke. They will continue to keep pushing further and further away from their core demographic to chase after phantom customers. I mean, statistically, how many male-to-female transgender pubescent teenagers are out there and is it enough to balance out the amount of customers they’ll continue to bleed as they pursue the patronage of the Regressive Left?

We’ll find out just how much all of this woke advertising has affected their shaving products when Proctor & Gamble roll out the fourth quarter financial results in the next earnings report.

(Thanks for the news tip Quickshooter and Raging Golden Eagle)

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