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847801cookie-checkEurogamer Writer Tries To Rally SJWs To Copyright Strike TheQuartering’s YouTube Channel
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23 May 2019

Eurogamer Writer Tries To Rally SJWs To Copyright Strike TheQuartering’s YouTube Channel

Jeremy “TheQuartering” Hambly published a video on May 21st, 2019 roasting VG 24/7 deputy editor Kirk McKeand over some of his comments about the political unrest taking place in the U.K., involving Carl Benjamin campaigning for an MEP seat. McKeand and his peers within the tight circle of game journo pros were not amused at TheQuartering’s roast, and decided to rally support to strike his YouTube account.

On May 22nd, 2019 TheQuartering uploaded another video about the tweets from Eurogamer writer Paul Watson, who conveyed with Kirk McKeand on Twitter about how they could get back at the YouTuber for exposing them for being thin-skinned, petty, and unscrupulous.

It’s true.

If you head over to the Twitter thread you’ll see that at 1:55am May 22nd, 2019, Paul Watson made a not-so-veiled suggestion to strike TheQuartering’s account.

McKeand attempts to walk back Watson’s threat ever so slightly when someone challenges them on filing false strikes against the YouTube account over an opinion video.

Many of the people in the thread warned McKeand and Watson against using false copyright strikes to bring down TheQuartering’s channel. There are some serious ramifications attached to that.

McKeand has a history of of similar antics, from engaging in public transphobia against a Conservative, to mocking gamers for criticizing politics in games journalism. He was also one of the journalists who became irascible at the fact that THQ Nordic engaged in an AMA on 8chan. Watson, meanwhile, used the opportunity to keep egging on TheQuartering, possibly as a way to gain notoriety.

Game journalists have been an enemy of the gaming community for years now, and since #GamerGate they’ve only increased their hostility and discontent with their own audience and the burgeoning YouTubers who are sweeping in to replace the decrepit, worthless gatekeepers of old.

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