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22 April 2019

Fortnite Getting Avengers Update This Week

It looks like Epic Games is aiming to drop another batch of Avengers-related content into Fortnite, with something being teased for this Thursday, April 25, the first night the End Game movie will be available for general viewing.

Over on the Fortnite Twitter account, an image has been posted featuring Captain America’s iconic shield being held by one of the game’s avatars. The image is accompanied by the phrase “whatever it takes,” the tagline for the upcoming conclusion to the current story arc within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The April 25 date is also teased, along with a hashtag for “FortniteXAvengers.”

Now comes the guessing game.

Last year, around the time Infinity War hit theaters, Fortnite launched a new Infinity Gauntlet mode that saw players fighting for control of Thanos’ sparkly glove of doom. The player who picked up the gauntlet got all sorts of stat boosts, as well as the ability to leap great distances, smash enemies into dust and fire a deadly bolt of energy.

It was quickly determined that the gauntlet was a bit to overpowered, with several nerfs and tweaks being rolled out over the course of the special event. Still, folks didn’t seem to be too annoyed with an extremely powerful Thanos running around the map, as the mode was less about being competitive and more about having fun with a goofy spin put on the battle royale formula.

Seeing Captain America’s shield makes me think this new update is going to have a cosmetic component (or maybe be completely cosmetic), as the shield would certainly make a solid piece of back bling.

Or, what if there are a collection of special chests peppered across the map, each one giving the player who finds it an ability ripped from The Avengers? Throwing Cap’s shield could be fun, as it would probably deal a boatload of damage to in-game structures. Maybe one chest will turn you into Hulk and another into Thor, with the former granting insane endurance and strength and the latter letting you fling lightning.

Either way, we only have a few days left to ponder before whatever Avengers content Epic Games has planned finally gets revealed.

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