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16 October 2018
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The Council Episode 4 Walkthrough And Choices

Big Bad Wolf and Focus Home Interactive’s The Council Episode 4 – Burning Bridges released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 25th. The episode picks up where the last one left off depending on the choices you made and how well you did at solving the final puzzle in Episode 3. For those of you who need a little help with getting through the latest episode, there is a The Council Episode 4 walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber AMHarbinger has the entire Episode 4 content for The Council laid out for you, which you can check out below.

The episode starts with Louis and his mother entering the catacombs. If you managed to complete the puzzle without Louis losing his arm, his mother will implore him to find out more about the lance of Longinus The Centurion, which was the spear that pierced the side of Jesus Christ.

You can also inquire of Louis’ mother as to why she shot Emma’s sister. However, Louis’s mother will be evasive and whisk off to the wharf to prepare for their departure once Louis gets a hold of the lance.

Before attempting to acquire a lance from the catacomb – since you can only take one – you must go talk to Piaggi to find out which of the proper lances you should acquire.

A Confrontation will begin. Be direct when Piai asks if you’re looking for the lance. Tell him “Yes” to complete the segment.

When he asks if Louis has told anyone else about the lance, tell him yes – that you’ve talked to Louis’ mother about the lance. This will complete the second Confrontation step.

The third Confrontation step will see Piaggi asking what you will need to use the lance for. Be honest and tell him that you need to use the lance to vanquish the demons.

The Council Episode 4 - The Lance of Longinus

Piaggi will reveal that one aspect of the lance to take note of is that it’s covered completely in the blood of Christ.

You can attempt to gain more information about the lance by talking to President George Washington, but he will only direct you to ask Wollner about the lance.

Head to Wollner’s room.

If you have an item to increase Louis’ perception, you can decipher the letter Wollner was writing. The letter reveals that Wollner was set to meet someone on the landing.

If you have enough points in occultism, you can examine Wollner’s books about Loginus and Louis can take the book.

Just then Wollner will come into the room and a Confrontation will start.

Tell Wollner you were looking for him and it will succeed in the first step of the confrontation.

Wollner will accuse Louis of looking for the lance; deflect by asking what Wollner is so afraid of. This will complete the next step.

For the final step, tell Wollner you were doing the snooping for Wollner. This will complete the third step of the Confrontation.

If you’re successful, Wollner will reveal that the lance would have been made of copper given that the centurion would not have been noble enough to have a golden lance.

Louis will also uncover that the lance is also engraved with the first symbol of the Christians, featuring a fish.

Go to the room and examine the statue of Longinus in Mortimer’s office and if you examine the spear you’ll discover that the lance has the fish symbol on it.

Go to the painting and examine it and “Distrust” it; using psychology Louis will deduce that the lance is spear-shaped.

The Council Episode 4 - Choosing the Correct Lance

With the information in tow, head back into the catacombs and go pick out the lance that has a copper tip with the engraving of the Christian symbol, as pictured above. Also find and collect as many items as possible, especially the golden elixir.

Exit the catacombs and make your way back toward the mansion but you’ll end up in another Confrontation.

You only get one chance. Tell him that you were looking for Louis’s mother to complete the first step.

During the second step of the Confrontation, he will ask you to hand over the item you took from Mortimer. You can choose not to give him anything or you can give him Mortimer’s encyclopedia to satisfy his curiosity, which will complete the Confrontation.

Make your way through the mansion and attempt to head through the main foyer toward the exit in order to reach the wharf. However, Mortimer will waylay Louis.

Mortimer will state that Sarah is attempting to lead Louis down the wrong road. You can either question him or say nothing.

Mortimer will challenge Louis about believing in demons – tell Mortimer that you know he’s a demon and he will admit to it.

The Council Episode 4 - The Demon Mortimer

Mortimer will reveal that he is a demon that for nearly six hundred years has inhabited the body of Lord Mortimer.

He explains that the demons have been around since the dawn of time and that they have the ability and power to influence the minds of men, oftentimes looking to protect men from themselves and sometimes helping them to succeed.

You’ll have the ability to ask Mortimer multiple questions, including finding out that Mortimer influenced Elizabeth’s mind to force her to kill herself.

During the conversation, it will be revealed that Mortimer is Louis’ father. Just then Jacques Peru will burst in.

The Council Episode 4 - I'm Your Father Louis

A Confrontation will start with Peru, where you’ll need to convince him not to kill Louis. Tell him that you don’t know what’s happening to succeed through the first step. For the second step, tell Peru that Louis is still the same and that just because he’s revealed to be a demon that he’s still the same. Finally, tell Peru not to allow himself to be killed, tell him that he needs to think about his daughter growing up without a father.

Mortimer will then give Louis the ability to unlock the ability to read both human and demon thoughts.

After talking with Mortimer proceed to the wharf to confront Sarah.

However, if you talk to Mortimer you will fail to arrive on time to save Sarah from Emily.

If you get to the wharf on time you can save Sarah from being killed by Emily. YouTuber Snipezy has a video showing how to get to the wharf and save Sarah from being killed by Emily.

Sarah will reveal that she is actually Mortimer’s daughter, but she was cast aside because she didn’t possess the demon ability to possess people. Sarah will leave on the boat and you can choose to give her the letter and her bag. As she leaves she will reveal that Louis can kill Mortimer by using the lance on him.

Back in the room, you’ll have the choice to determine if the disposition of being a demon is a curse or a blessing. Also, you’ll be able to question Sir Gregory, who believes that demons should rule over humans.

You can either choose to encourage the conversation toward allowing a man to have the freedom of choice, or to adopt Sir Gregory’s point of view of subordinating man to subjugation.

After talking with Gregory, go to Mortimer’s office and talk to him about the conversation.

When talking with Mortimer, it will be revealed that Mortimer wants to establish the Illuminati in order to help “elevate” men by controlling their interests and giving them food, shelter, and entertainment in order to keep them in “slumber”.

Mortimer will present Louis will the option to unlock another ability: the ability to take control of another being.

You can choose to engage in Mortimer’s request to utilize Louis’ power to control another being, or you can decline the request.

Go and talk to Giuseppe Piaggi, and you can either use the demon powers to take control of Piaggi, or you can warn Piaggi that demons actually exist.

If you take control of Piaggi you’ll need to write the letter to the pope, and you’ll need to implement a secret code.

You’ll also need to use the stamp with the Pope’s signature: Floret in Domo Domini on it.


After finishing the letter, Wollner will interrupt and a Confrontation will start.

You can tell Wollner that Louis was given a tranquilizer.

Wollner will attempt to kill Louis, but you can delay the attempt by telling him that no one will be killed in Piaggi’s room.

Once you get back in Louis’ body, go to Emily’s room and it turns out that Emily is Louis’ sister. That’s right… not only did they steal the Star Wars plot twist that Mortimer is Louis’ dad, but also the incest story as well.

The Council Episode 4 - Brother and Sister Boinking

Go back to the red room and talk to Mortimer about your demon powers.

Sir Gregory will interrupt and attempt to influence Louis to join his side, or you will be given the choice to support Lord Mortimer.

You’ll be given the choice of either accepting Louis’ demon nature or you can choose to behave like a man.

You’ll then be able to choose to join forces with either Mortimer or Sir Gregory.

The episode ends with Mortimer gathering the rest of the council and announcing that it’s time to lay down all of their cards in preparation for the big showdown in Episode 5.

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