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11 August 2018

Omega Labyrinth Unofficial English Patch Available For Download

[Correction: The patch is for Omega Labyrinth on the PS Vita, but the modders are discussing a patch for Omega Labyrinth Z on the PS Vita.]

If you have a modded PS Vita or PlayStation TV, you can install a new unofficial English patch for Omega Labyrinth. The patch is basically the only way for gamers in the West to play an English version of Omega Labyrinth. This follows on the heels of Sony banning PQube from releasing Omega Labyrinth Z in the West for the PS4 and PS Vita.

The unofficial patch is available for download right now from the GBA Temp forums or you can download the file from the portal.

The English patch clocks in at 33MB, and it allows you to play through the game in English. At the time of writing this article, this is the unedited version of the patch provided by modder AlternativeZero. He’s still taking on help and working through the translation to improve the text, fix typos, and clean up the script.

Once you download the file you’ll need to download rePatch from the Github page.

Copy rePatch to the tai folder, open up the config.txt and add ux0:tai/repatch.skprx under the “KERNAL” section.

Reload the config.txt in Henkaku Settings Extract 7z/zip/rar and then copy all of the folders to ux0.

Boot up the game, and enjoy.

YouTuber froid san has an hour’s worth of gameplay footage uploaded from the English patched version of the game that you can check out below.

This is basically the community going the extra mile to offer gamers an English version of Omega Labyrinth after the petitions to get Omega Labyrinth Z released in the West failed. This followed on Sony’s ban of the game being released in North America and Europe back at the end of June.

Keep in mind that the translation is still a work in progress, and it will take time before the English patch is entirely complete. Nevertheless, for those of you with a modded PS Vita or PSTV and an urge to play Omega Labyrinth, here’s your opportunity to do so.

(Thanks for the news tip War on Fanservice)

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