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21 May 2018

Omensight Gameplay Walkthrough

Spearhead Games’ Omensight is out now for Steam on PC and as a digital download for the PS4. The game is a hybrid murder-mystery, action-adventure game. For players curious about how to play through the title and reach the end in one piece, there’s a gameplay walkthrough guide available for Omensight.

YouTuber Lacry has an eight video playlist that walks gamers through Omensight From start to finish.

The starts by talking about how the Pygarians and the Rodentians have gone to war, and the apocalypse is nigh for the world of Urralia given that Priestess Vera has been murdered.

Players take on the role of the Harbigenger, a supernatural being who must discover who killed the Priestess and attempt to prevent Armageddon from taking place.

If you start the game in the forest from the main map you’ll learn how to play, fight, and traverse the game world.

Square is to attack and Circle is to dodge on the PS4 controller, while ‘X’ is to attack and ‘B’ is to dodge on the Xbox One controller. Press ‘X’ on the PS4 controller to jump, or press ‘A’ on the Xbox One controller to jump.

Kill the Pygarian soldiers and then press Square on the highlighted circle to interact with the bear’s soul.

After you interact with General Draga, you’ll need to fight more soldiers and learn how to use your heavy attack by pressing Triangle on the PS4 controller or ‘Y’ on the Xbox One controller.

Once you complete the forest you’ll get another cinematic explaining that Voden is set about to destroy the world.

When the cinematic ends you’ll be able to level up the Harbinger at the altar. You’ll also unlock a new projectile attack by holding down Square and then releasing it.

Your first choice will be to follow Ludimir or Draga and go back in time to find out how they died and why their fate befell them in the way that it did.

If you start with Draga you’ll go back to the Crimson Forest briefly before moving on to the Imperial Prison with General Draga.

The map is straightforward once you get to the prison. Just kill the guards, press Square when you get to the door. Head inside the prison and kill more of the rodents while collecting loot along the way.

While fighting, you can have your AI companion to perform a special attack by holding down the right trigger.

Use this in clutters of enemies to clear them out.

Continue to follow the pathway through the prison.

Once you reach the end you’ll head back to the Crimson Forest at night, and fight through more of the Rodentia forces.

Draga will unlock the magical seal and you’ll ride through the forest on a siege device. Now this part can be a bit tricky because you’ll have to prevent the rats from triggering the bombs while the siege device rolls by. Be sure to stay near the triggers while the enemies are spawning.

The entire pathway here is linear and you’ll simply have to follow Draga through the level and help her and the soldiers during battle.

You’ll then end up in a boss fight against Deathless.

It’s easier to lock onto the boss, dodge the attacks and when there’s an opening jump up and attack her.

Rinse and repeat this method until Ratika/Deathless is killed.

You’ll unlock two more character paths once the day is complete, along with a few more abilities that you can level-up.

The next part of the walkthrough covers Ludomir. It rewinds back to Fyobor’s Tavern on the morning of the last day.

After meeting Ludomir in the bar, the Harbinger joins with Ludomir to venture to the Yarbog’s Temple.

You’ll also have a new time-freezing ability at your disposal by pressing R1.

Follow Ludomir through the temple and take out the Imperial soldiers along the way.

The temple is slightly larger than the prison – you’ll also be able to unlock a memory at the statue. Also use Ludomir’s R2 ability on the pillar to the far eastern wall to unlock a hidden room with some treasures inside.

Continue past the mobs and there’s a Pyragrian door you can unlock with a memory inside.

You can collect the memory before proceeding onward.

When you’re ready to move forward go stand under the platform and Ludomir will get into position so you can jump up and proceed to the next room.

Continue through the temple, fighting the Imperial soldiers until you reach the magical seal of the emperors. If you completed Draga’s day first you’ll be able to unlock the magically sealed door door.

Inside the room you’ll need to platform across until you reach a special room with purple void monsters. Kill the void monsters, collect the loot in the room and then proceed to the end of the room and take the elevator down into the Forbidden Crypt.

Inside the crypt you’ll see Indrik choking Priestess Vera, which will unlock an Omensight trophy and unlock a major breakthrough in the investigation.

You can then choose to go back in time once more, only this time you can show your companion the Omensight vision of Indrik.

If you share the vision with Draga she will take you back to the Yarbog’s Temple to investigate the vision and decipher temple inscriptions to determine why Indrik attacked the Priestess.

Follow Draga through the temple and move through the areas until you reach the area with the Ciphers – kill the Ciphers before you move on.

Continue through the temple and kill the Ciphers until you get back to the area of the Forbidden Crypt.

Draga will discover – through the inscriptions – that Indrik is apparently attempting to recover a mythical sword to transcend Voden in power.

Draga will take the Harbinger to the City of Ekka.

Once more, follow Draga through the city streets and across the platforms. Kill the enemies in your pathway until you reach the temple. Defeat the enemies and help the Pygarian soldiers.

Once you reach the inner sanctum of the temple the day will end.

The next mission involves meeting Ratika for the first time at the Imperial Prison, before she becomes overcome by the void.

Ratika will take the Harbinger to Yarbog’s Temple once more. Only this time, you won’t go through the typical route, she’ll take you through the sewers.

Be careful here because the sewers is more platforming oriented and it’s easy to mess up.

Also, be careful during combat because most of the fights in the sewers takes place across platforms.

Once you defeat the Ciphers there’s another memory you can unlock just across the platforms in the next corridor to the left.

From there, follow Ratika into the store room with the three boxes. Use Ratika’s skill so you can push the boxes out of the way, flip the lever and access the room full of amber.

When you’re ready to move on, go to the crate of rocks blocking the pathway and use Ratika’s special ability to speed up and push the crate over the ledge.

You’ll need to continue to platform your way through the temple and defeat the enemies until you reach Firebird Indrik. You can use the Omensight to show him your vision, or battle it out over the lava. Be careful because the platforms will raise and lower and if you fall in the lava you’ll die.

Once Indrik is defeated you’ll need to escape from the temple while it collapses in. This is some traditional platforming from the old-schoo. Ratika will also grant you with the ability to unlock green Rodentia seals.

When you finish Ratika’s mission you’ll discover that you can redo Draga’s mission and unlock the Rodentia Seal.

You and Draga will head down into the vault where it’s revealed that Indrik has been murdered.

With his dead body present you can recover Indrik’s soul, which will unlock a new opportunity to play through the day with Indrik as your companion.

This will also unlock a new Omensight ability – Betrayal.

This will open up a breakthrough in the story and reveal that Ratika killed the Priestess Vera.

You can choose to view Indrik’s story and uncover who murdered him after he acquired the ability to turn into a Firebird.

Reveal to him the Omensight of Ratika killing Vera, and he will join the Harbinger.

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