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31 May 2018
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Football Tactics And Glory Cheats Unlock Infinite Moves, Player Levels 2020

Creoteam’s Football Tactics & Glory has managed to trot its way onto Steam’s pitch for $19.99. The game features tactical turn-based sporting action, where players direct their characters around the field and attempt to out-maneuver their opponents. If you’re finding yourself having a hard time out-witting the PC and making it far in the career mode, there are some cheats that will help you along.

The cheat trainer for Football Tactics and Glory is available right now for download over on

The trainer contains the following cheats:

Player: Full Energy

Set Available Moves To 3

Match Timer: Max Half-Time

Player: Age +1

Player: Age -1

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Each of the cheats will allow you to gain an advantage over your opponent, well maybe not making your character an old man but definitely lowering their age when they get near retirement could be a huge boon to keep them effective on the pitch.

The ability to alter the moves will definitely help, as the crux of the gameplay in Football Tactics, and Glory relies on using the turn-based moves to set up your players on the pitch and attempting to out-score your opponents. Being able to constantly add more moves to your turn, means that you have more opportunities to get the ball in the net.

The game is currently enjoying a rather positive flood of support from the gaming community, who believes that the game offers them exactly what they want out of a turn-based sports title.

Football Tactics & Glory graduates from Early Access on June 1st. The current price of $19.99 is what it will cost you to grab a digital copy of the title, or alternatively, you can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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