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1517110cookie-checkSCUM Video Demonstrates How To Get Muscular And How Beer Makes Your Character Fat
26 March 2018

SCUM Video Demonstrates How To Get Muscular And How Beer Makes Your Character Fat

A new video was released for the prison survival game, SCUM. The video hilariously covers the role of metabolism in the game.

The five minute video covers the BCU and ICU monitor. The video gets rather medically dense by covering blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and your respiratory rate. You can check out the video below courtesy of MathChief.

The developer covers how the BCU monitor relates to the character and how different stats affect how the character can develop and become enhanced by working out, eating food and and taking a dump.

The video starts with a dude on the toilet, squeezing real hard to plop a fat, brown, dirt sandwich into the donut-shaped seat with a hole in the center.

The video then covers how the different stats will change and fluctuate based on what your character does in SCUM, they demonstrate this by showing a Vladimir Putin-lookalike walking into a yard with workout equipment and going through the process of working out. He starts off as skinny as a twig but eventually begins to evolve and get muscular.

It follows the very basic premise of getting strong and staying strong. A rule in life that no one should ever forget.

Putin pumps enough iron until he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is a very dangerous and masculine combination.

However, working out is just one aspect of SCUM’s body modification mechanics. What you eat and how much you eat will also determine how your character evolves, much like CJ in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The end of the video depicts Putin chugging down some bear after getting absolutely huge. He begins to bloat up… but not in a good way. Here we finally see that drinking lots of beer will turn your character fat.

There’s obviously a lot of give and take in what you put into your character’s body in order to help them survive on the prison isle of SCUM. There are pros and cons, obviously. It will be interesting to further see how SCUM evolves as more videos emerge for the sandbox survival game.

You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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