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6 February 2018

Shadow Of The Colossus PS4 Walkthrough

Bluepoint Games’ remake of Team ICO’s timeless masterpiece, Shadow of the Colossus, is now available for the PlayStation 4. The game is a complete overhaul of the original, built from the ground up to take advantage of both the vanilla PS4 and the PS4 Pro. For gamers who are new to the title and have no idea how to play or what to do, there is a complete Shadow of the Colossus PS4 walkthrough guide available to help set you on your way.

Esteemed YouTuber Shirrako has a complete playlist covering each of the battles with the colossi and how to find them and take them down in his Shadow of the Colossus Remake gameplay walkthrough series.

Once you start a new game and choose the difficulty setting, there’s a cinematic that will play, featuring the Wanderer taking the chick to the altar.

There’s a brief bit of narrative about bringing back the dead by venturing into the forbidden land, and then the game heads back to the Wanderer.

The god Dormin gives the Wanderer a task: destroy all the beings represented by the idols in the temple. The Wanderer must kill the colossi to cause the idols to fall. This will allow him to bring back the soul of the girl with the cursed fate.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake - Cursed Fate

The Valus Colossi

You can jump pressing ‘X’ to jump, and when you’re on the horse, Argo, press Triangle to ride faster.

There is no HUD, so you’ll have to rely on context-sensitive visuals to guide your way.

In order to locate each Colossi, use the sword by holding down R1. It will work as a nav point for you.

Hold down the left trigger to aim when you take out the bow, and the right trigger to fire the bow. You can switch between the sword and the bow by using the left or right digital pad. Circle allows you to perform dodge-rolls.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake Map

Once you leave the temple, there is a tree near some rocks – use your bow to shoot the fruit from the tree to earn yourself a bronze trophy.

Follow the light of the sword into the crevice and use the right trigger to climb up the moss.

The platforming is identical to The Last Guardian. Make your way through the crevice and face off against the very first Colossi.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake - Valus Boss

Climb up its leg using the R2 trigger and stab the glowing plate to deal damage to the Colossi by raising your sword with Square and then pressing Square again to perform a stabbing attack. An HP meter will show up much life it has left before it dies.

You’ll find the next boss at the seaside cave, where you’ll need to use the sword to guide your way.

You’ll also be able to heal yourself using the glowing altars you encounter along the way.

North of the temple you’ll find the shoreline that leads down toward the second Colossi.

Quadratus Mammoth Colossi

Follow the pathway down underneath the broken bridge and make your way underneath the cliff.

The second Colossi will emerge once you get close.

The objective is to wait for the Quadratus to rear up on its hind legs – when the two front legs are raised, shoot the arrow at the bottom of its feet where the glowing plate is located. When you shoot the bottom of its foot it will take a small piece of its HP down. The real damage is done by climbing up its leg after it falls over to the side. Use R2 to climb up the fur and make your way over to the first platform.

Be mindful of your stamina, which is indicated by a small yellowish circle in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. When the yellow light depletes you’ll run out of stamina and fall of the Colossi.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake - The Mammoth

Make your way over to the rear of the Colossi and there’s a plate on the back of its butt. Stab it Tyrone and Bubba are going to stab Larry Nassar’s hindquarters in prison.

Once you stab its butt into pieces, the next goal is to make your way up to the front of the Quadratus’ head, where the final plate is located. Again, be mindful of your stamina and work fast. A couple of more stabs and it will die.

Gaius Knight Colossi

The next fight is against the Gaius Colossi. It’s located through the desert canyon and in the misty marsh, north of the temple. Make your way across the bridge and through the sandy gap that leads toward the water ruins.

Don’t forget to use R1 to help guide you on where you need to go in order to reach your location.

Make your way through the marsh and up the broken ruins of the ramp.

Jump across to the standing pillar and then make your way to the top of the platform.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake - Rise of Gaius

So your first task is to get the Colossi to strike the metal ore on the platform. The ore will not give, but the brace on the wrist of the Colossi will.

With the brace damaged, it will allow the Wanderer to make his way up the arm of the Colossi. Wait for him to strike the ground again and then up to his up stone club and poke him in his stomach.

Proceed to climb up the body of the Knight and make your way up to his back and toward his head. When you reach the top proceed to use the sword to stab the plate several times to kill Gaius.

Phaedra Gravestone Colossi

You’ll need to make your way toward a pastured grove to face off against the next Colossi.

The Phaedra is south of the temple, located across the pastures and through the rocky mountain pass, where shadows creep silently through each corner, and fog canvasses the ground like a companion of darkness.

Make your way down into the grove and past the green mounds to encounter the Phaedra, which is resting in a corner.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake - Phaedra In The Grove

Lead it back toward the open grove and wait for it to lower its head.

It may take a while but you can wait inside of a small cave opening until you can see its skeletal tendrils reach the ground. Use the dangling tendrils to climb up the face of the Colossi and proceed to stab its head.

Keep stabbing it inside the head until it topples over.

You’ll need to head to the misty lake to face off against the next Colossi.

Avion Wind Colossi

Head southeast of the temple toward the cliffside that overlooks the torrent below.

Follow the path around the cliff’s edge and to the other side of the canyon.

Make your way through the rocky crevice where the ruins of an ancient structure lie buried beneath the stolid lake of a forgotten civilization.

Head down into the water to get across the ruined gate and climb up the tower to make your way past the twisted iron gates that have long since outlived their usefulness.

Soaring high above the sunken city is the Avion… a Colossi of majestic flight.

Following the short vignette, head into the water and make your way toward the pillar where the giant has perched, steadfast.

Getting onto the Avion is not easy. This bird-like Colossi will need to be fired upon with your arrow. When it sees you it will fly in close. Your objective will be to jump and press R2 at just the right moment to grab onto the grassy fur as it swoops down to attack you.


Timing is key here but if you can do it successfully, you’ll be able to climb up the wing and make your way over to the side of the right-wing to stab the ancient plate.

Head to the back of the Avion’s body where the tail is located and there’s another symbol there. Stab it until its life gets low. Make your way back to the front of the Colossi and head to the other wing and stab the plate until it dies.

The next fight is against the giant located beneath the temple.

Barba Tomb Giant Colossi

Follow the light of the sword until it focuses on the south by southwest area of the map just outside the temple.

Make your way along the low rocky ledges just past the pastures through a small wooded grove that will take you into a forest thicket.

Enjoy the scenery. Soak in the calm.

Continue along the beaten path by following the glow of the sword to the other side of the pasture that leads across a cliff and through a small cave. On the other side, you’ll find an arid valley that leads across a visibly dusty desert. The temple is just on the other side.

Make your way into the temple and follow the pathway into the cavernous opening marked by colossal archways, broken over time, rotting from neglect.

Carefully climb down into the ancient arena… a cinematic will play.

Prepare to face your doom.

The bearded Barba is no pushover.


Quickly climb up over the structures blocking your pathway and head under the pillars at the far end of the arena.

You can whistle for the Barba to get its attention. When he looks down to see if you’re there, proceed to quickly jump onto his beard and climb up his head. Stab him in the top of his head.

The next emblem is located in the middle of Barba’s back. Climb down his head and stab his back a few times to be rid of him for good.

The next boss is located under the lake instead of over it.

Hydrus Colossi

The next boss is located north by northwest of the temple. It’s across the bridge and through the canyon where you faced off against Gaius.

However, instead of going into the water, make your way around the bend where the marsh is located and head left through the foggy canyon, where the rock faces loom overhead like sullen old men, weary and withered from the passage of time.

When you get to the fork in the canyon pass, you’ll need to make a right and head through the pathway that takes you deeper and further into the valley of the rocks – another option will open up and this time you’ll need to make another right, which will take you into an open, sandy valley that eventually leads you to another water ruin.

Argo won’t be able to follow where you’re going.

Take a leap of faith into the water to trigger the Hydrus.


The trick with the Hydrus is that you’ll need to get near its tail and when it surfaces to make its round, quickly grab a hold of the grassy fur on its tail.

Make your way up the body. The fins on its back will spark up in patterns. Wait for the fin to stop sparking to get close and stab the emblem on its back to disable the fin.

Rinse and repeat this method until you make your way to the head. Disable the final fin and then start stabbing it in the head to finally kill it.

It may keep bopping in and out of the water as you attempt to make your way across its head. You’ll need to use its fur to climb your way toward the emblem to kill it.

Basaran Lurker Colossi

Follow the light of the sword due west just outside of the temple. You’ll have to make your way across the bridge and then head further West.

Head further west and across the geyser plains where you’ll approach a cliff with the Colossi hiding in the fog.

Lure the Colossi over a geyser and then shoot at the bottom of its feet to tip it over. While it’s on its side, ride over to its belly and climb up its fur until you get to the top. Wait for it to stand upright and then climb over to its head and begin stabbing the top of its head.

Literally, just stay atop its head and keep poking it until it dies.

Dirge Sand Colossi

The next boss is located in the sand dunes.

If you’re a bit lost on how to get there, follow the bird.

Take the western route across the bridge just outside the temple. It will lead you through the plains, further due west, southwest.

Make your way into the conclave filled with sand where you’ll find the Dirge.

The giant worm will chase you while you ride Argo. Shoot out its eyes when its head rears up from the sand and it will crash into the wall, banging its head into a rock. From there hop onto its back and attack the emblems on its back and head.

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