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28 January 2018

Monster Hunter World Guide: How To Play And Join Friends Online

Looking to join up and play with friends and create squads in Capcom’s Monster Hunter World? This guide aims to explain how to play with friends, invite friends, and see your friends online. Monster Hunter World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One and will hit PC this Fall.

If you have trouble trying to play with your friends online via Monster Hunter World, this guide will hopefully teach you how to join, invite and see your friends.

Firstly, to play with your friends you must share your Online Session I.D. code. You can view and find your Online session I.D. code by going to Options and then pressing Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One.

If you can’t get online and your stuck with “offline” in the upper right corner or you can’t get into the matchmaking section, this normally happens when the game is left idle or in standby mode too long. One solution to fix this is closing and reopening Monster Hunter World.

If your game is not on private you can send an SOS Flare so that others can help you out on a quest, but this can only be done if you are the leader/host. If you want to join in and play with someone you will have to type in an Online Session I.D., which caps and non-caps matter when typing the code.

You can see a nice visual guide on how to join, host a game and see friends in Monster Hunter World below. The video comes in by YouTuber PunchNshoot:

As a forewarning, you can’t play story related quests with a friend unless you already completed the quest — vice versa. In other words, you can’t progress through the story with your friend or another player at the same time.

Lastly, try using SOS Flares or invites with people that you know completed a mission your planning on doing. It’s worth noting this could all change in the near future so it’s best to keep up with the game by hitting up

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