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11 November 2017

Little Nightmares: The Hideaway Gameplay Walkthrough

Tasier Studios and Bandai Namco announced that Little Nightmares: The Hideaway DLC expansion is currently available for those who own the base game on PS4, Xbox One or PC. The new DLC is available as part of the complete edition of Little Nightmares or you can buy it separately for $3.99. For gamers curious about the new expansion or who need help with the puzzles, there’s a walkthrough available.

YouTuber Shirrako has a 45 minute video up covering the small expansion for Little Nightmares from start to finish that you can check out below.

The latest episode in Little Nightmares starts with a boy inside the sack. He manages to tear himself out and fall down into the depths below.

For those of you who don’t remember, the boy was captured in the last episode and thrown into a cage. The long armed man had taken the boy and put him in the sack so that he could be diced up into fresh mince meat by the butcher brothers.

With the boy having successfully escaped from his most imminent doom, he’s greeted by the gnomes, who examine him and then scurry away.

Follow the gnomes into the next room, where you’ll find one of them lounging about by a set of dresses in the corner of the room. Interact with the gnome and he will stand around in the room. Interact with the gnome again and he will attempt to get through the door but can’t. Pick him up.

Hold ‘A’ on the Xbox controller (or ‘X’ on the DualShock 4) to throw the Gnome at the door handle to open the door, which will lead you into the next room.


In the next room, throw the gnome up on the box, and then pick him up. Hop down and move over to the lever hanging from the ceiling. Get directly underneath it and throw the gnome up to pull the lever and open the door to the next room.

There’s a chest in the corner you’ll need to move out of the way so you can crawl through the cubby hole into the next area.

There’s another gnome in a cage on the work bench. Throw the first gnome up to the bench and he will stand by the chest on the desk.

Go over to the drawer to the far right of the room and open it; a gnome is inside. Throw him up onto the desk and the two will push the chest off the desk and onto the floor so you can get up top and free the third gnome in the cage.

Pick up each of the gnomes and bring them to the door to get all three of them to help you push the door open into the next segment.

In the next area you’ll need to climb the stool, pull the lever, grab a piece of coal, carry it into the next room and place it on the ramp. Climb up on the stool and throw press the lever to open the furnace.

Help the little gnome throw coal into the furnace and it will lower the ladder on the left side of the room and open the door on the far right side of the room. Inside you’ll find another gnome trapped inside a tipped over coal cart. Free him.

There’s a ladder on the side of the wall. Climb up the ladder and head into the next room. There’s another lever you’ll need to flip so you can get a light. Proceed into the next room and use the light to navigate around uncle long-arms. Proceed into the next room and go north toward the staircase. Head up the steps and jump across the coal carts to get into the next room.


Go over to the locker on the far right side of the room and pull the locker door open. There’s a stool in side. Drag it out.

Open the first locker, there are stacks of sheets inside.

Drag the stool over to the sheets and climb up to get up top.

Use the light fixture hanging from the ceiling to swing across to the other side.

Climb down the access corridor and jump inside the small opening on the left side of the tunnel.

Inside the room there are three file cabinets. Pull out the first two drawers and then pull out the middle drawer of the middle file cabinet to climb up top and get the light that’s turned.

Throw the light at the switch on the far left side of the wall.


Sneak through the next room to avoid uncle long-arms.

Bring the working light all the back to the room with the two slots for the light fuses. Plug both working light fuses into the machine and take the elevator up to the next floor.

There’s a small hole in the upper right hand corner of the room. You can go through the hole to get to the other side.

In the next room there’s a tipped over file cabinet, banging. Inside is a little gnome. Free him.

Grab the other gnome inside the room and push the rolling tray to the far right of the two desks; climb up across the file cabinet and the organizing drawers to get to the other side where the gnome is located on the desk.

Take the three gnomes over to the left side of the room; push the crate close to the door. Throw all three gnomes onto the switch and push the crate under the door.

Take the three gnomes into the room with the dumbwaiter and bring them downstairs into the room with the charcoal. Throw one of the gnomes onto the switch on the left side of the room to open the door.

Take all four gnomes back into the furnace room.


Climb up the ladder on the left side of the furnace room.

There’s a second ladder. Climb it.

Continue up into the next room and jump on the broken floorboards until you break through.

You’ll need to crank open the door using the crank wench. However, you’ll first need to distract uncle long arms by turning on the cutting saw in the first room. Turn on the power by flipping the lever in the room with the crank and then push the switch on the table with the saw to distract long-arms.

Head back into the other room and crank the wench to open the door and jump down below.

Once down below, climb up the boxes in the northwest corner of the room and move through the little hole. Hop down into the coal pit and pick up the gnome. Throw the gnome up top and use the gnome to flip the lever and use the momentum from the conveyor belt to swing across to the other side. Turn on the conveyor belt on the other side and then hop down into the coal pit and pick up the other gnome.

Take both gnomes back into the other room and throw one of them up to flip the switch.

In the next room, use one of the gnomes to pull down the ladder by throwing it up to reach the ladder.

Climb up top, jump across the coal cart and use the valve crank to lower the coal cart down to the floor.

In the upper northeast corner of the room there are some boxes you can use to climb up to get back around to the other side so you can take the ladder down to the other gnomes and the coal cart.

Go into the next room where the gnome in the jar is located. Jump up on the desk and jump with him to get him to scoot off the ledge and break the jar to free himself.

Take all three of the gnomes and get them to help you push the mine cart through to the next room.


Use the cart to climb up, head through the small hole, climb down, open the door, and go back inside the room and push the cart through the door and down the ramp so that it can break through the barricaded door.

Exit the room, and go all the back down to the first floor. Use the stool, pull the lever and the three gnomes will join the others in throwing coal coal into the furnace.

With all the little proletarians working for your betterment, it will start the conveyor and bring the coal up to the furnace in the upper level. Ride the carts up top and make your way into the next room.

There are a bunch of gnomes in the room that will help you move a chest out of the way so you can get into the next room.

Move past the gnomes’ hideaway and through the corridors on the far right side of the room.

At the end the Madam will be on the elevator and before the screen fades to black she looks up.

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