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1518270cookie-checkJKB Games Reveals New MegaMan X Corrupted Progress
9 November 2017

JKB Games Reveals New MegaMan X Corrupted Progress

A fan made game that I’m really looking forward to comes in the form of JKB Games MegaMan X Corrupted. Progress has been made on the fan project, and we also learn that a video trailer showing gameplay is in the works.

Some fan games look pretty cheap or the devs behind the indie fan game promise a lot, but they never deliver on the promises made. Well, JKB Games doesn’t have to boast about their fan project known as MegaMan X Corrupted, the game itself does all the talking.

Graphically the game looks nice and the gameplay is smooth, too. The sad part is that a demo is nowhere to be seen just yet, but it doesn’t mean that progress isn’t being made on MegaMan X Corrupted.

Just recently, one of the devs behind the fan project took to Facebook to announce the latest info:

“For those that don’t have time to watch the streams and VODs, here is a small glimpse of the new Zero. I’ll be making a full video once he is fully complete.”

You can check out the new Zero and snippet gameplay below.

Not too long ago the team also posted a new version of the Forest Mountain theme song by Dominic Ninmark composed for JKB Games. The track has been touched up and updated to fit in with the rest of the OST.

If you want more information on MegaMan X Corrupted and what’s going down regarding development, the team has a Discord page up so that you can talk to them and learn when and where the next MMXC development streams will take place.

Lastly, you can check out some early gameplay footage showing how different armors work. The video isn’t attempting to be fancy or anything, but it stands as a way to show how both the Hydra and Phoenix Armors look.

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