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1515210cookie-checkSuper Mario Odyssey Guide: How To Play As Yoshi And Unlock Hidden Secrets
29 October 2017

Super Mario Odyssey Guide: How To Play As Yoshi And Unlock Hidden Secrets

Now that Super Mario Odyssey is out for the Nintendo Switch, folks looking to pick up the game can play it right now. However, if you want to find hidden secrets, hopefully this guide will be of use.

Notice: This guide contains large amounts of spoilers. If you do not want to see anything that will give away important parts in Super Mario Odyssey it’s best to turn away now.

The first hidden secret on this list comes in as Yoshi. Yes, you can play as Yoshi if you beat the game and go to Mushroom Kingdom. The video guide showing the hidden Yoshi secret can be seen below thanks to SwingPoynt.

The next video by Underbuffed reveals 44 costumes that you can find in Super Mario Odyssey’s world. Secret attire can be found in the mix of 44 applicable outfits, which can be seen right here:

The next video by Tealgamemaster contains not only the Mario 64 outfit but a secret puzzle. The video shows the location of this secret puzzle and what you must do to obtain the content hidden behind said act.

Thanks to YouTuber ProsafiaGaming you can check out what happens when you collect all 999 Moons and initiate the secret ending. The two minute long video can be seen below.

The last video on this list of hidden secrets scattered throughout Super Mario Odyssey happens to be the dark side of the moon. This area can only be accessed upon collecting over 500 Moons. The video comes in once again thanks to ProsafiaGaming.

I’m sure more secrets are hidden and are waiting to be discovered in Nintendo’s latest Mario game. As it stands now, though, the latest secrets offer up more moons, Yoshi as a playable character in certain areas, more outfits to fashion Mario in, and levels and endings to experience.

Super Mario Odyssey is currently out right now for Nintendo Switch.

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