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4 October 2017

Cuphead Guide: Here’s How To Find All 40 Gold Coins

Don’t want to cheat on PC to obtain all of the coins in Cuphead or are you on Xbox One and have to manually unlock all 40 gold coins in Studio MDHR’s 2D platformer? If so, this guide aims to help you find and obtain all 40 gold coins.

If you are stuck on the tutorial and can’t get past it you won’t be able to obtain the first gold coin featured in the game. If you have made it through the tutorial and can’t seem to get a hold of any of the coins or for that matter find any, a video guide running for three minutes has the location for each of the 40 gold cons.

Before proceeding to the video I should address one problem that has been corrected in the video guide and that happens to be the gold coin in relation to the Doughnut Girl. If you are new you won’t have any idea what the mistake may be, but if you are currently in search of this specific coin you will know that the suggested method is not correct.

To get a coin from the Doughnut Girl you must take a shortcut in “World 2.” In order to find this very shortcut that is hidden, simply walk behind the Birdhouse and behind the mountain all the way around to the Dragon Tower. After exploring this area walk past the start location for Fiery Frolic and then return back around the mountain to the start location and talk to her and she should reward you with a gold coin.

The rest of the coin locations can be seen below, which ultimately are quite hard to find at times. The video guide comes in courtesy of YouTuber Maka91Productions.

After collecting every coin and buying out the shop, you will be granted with a rare achievement called “Butter-and-Egg Man”.

Cuphead is currently out now for PC via Steam and GOG and for Xbox One, which runs for $19.99 across both platforms.

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