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1 September 2017

Fishing Planet Guide: How To Catch Fish In Version 1.0.0

Fishing Planet LLC has released the full version of Fishing Planet, meaning that it’s no longer in beta. Officially out for PC and PS4, if you happen to be new and looking for a guide that explains rods, reels, lines, lures and fishes found in V.1.0.0 of Fishing Planet, this guide aims to explain just that and more.

Fishing Planet is a free to play “online first-person multiplayer” fishing simulator. Now that the official version of the game is out and available to play right now, a new trailer for PS4 was published to celebrate its release.

Now that you know what the game is about, folks looking to understand the core mechanics behind Fishing Planet will find just that over on the game’s wikia or in the following bulleted list:

Once in the game and done with registration/signing in, your Fishing Planet starts off with a short tutorial that’ll give you a basic rundown on the fishing process and interactions with the map and inventory. Upon completion of the tutorial you will reach level 2 and gain a few credits and gold coins. However, do spend them wisely in that getting broke is an easy thing to do in this game.

It is recommended that you go back after you finished the introductory tutorial to look over other in-game tutorials, which can be accessed at the top of the global screen.

Furthermore, any fish you catch whether it is small or big, except for unique ones, is worth credits. Catch and keep fish until the end of the fishing session or until midnight, when fish will be sold automatically.

When you are promoted to level 2, the game will automatically force you to buy FishJail Stringer Short for 10 credits. The remainder of credits will be enough to take a trip to Mudwater River, Missouri.

Moreover, during the first fishing session make sure to make them as profitable as possible. Fishing expenses cost 20 credits for travel and 5 credits for each fishing day, if, however, you have a bad day fishing, simply use the “time travel” feature (press “T” key) and start another fishing day. The time travel feature sees you only paying 5 credits without leaving the location.

It is best to remember during your initiate days to focus on panfish. This type of fish is easy to catch and very common to encounter. Using bait to catch them consists of bread or red worms. When buying new tackle or equipment, think before spending money on things that will be rarely used. Have a clear and decisive plan about what and where you want to fish and act accordingly.

Lastly, a video by GrizzlyGreenGaming covers some important beginner tips and tricks.

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